MCDOT/Ride-On Releases New Trip Planner App

by MCS Staff

Montgomery County Department of Transportation has released a new mobile app to plan your trips using Ride-On busses. “Download the free, easy-to-use Ride On Trip Planner from the Apple App store or the Google Play store. It’s fully functional.” In the app:

  • Choose your current location and destination.
  • Pick the route that best fits your travel plans.
  • Know the exact time the next bus will arrive.
  • Get step-by-step directions on how to get to the bus stop and your destination after getting off the bus.
  • Be notified when it’s time to get off the bus, so you can browse other apps and surf the web without worrying about missing your stop.

About the Trip Planner App:

Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) partnered with Moovit, a global bus trip planning mobile app software company, to launch a new Ride On Trip Planner – a Ride On bus passenger load and local trip planning app. This new, innovative app allows riders to plan their next trip and to tell how crowded a Ride On bus is – before it arrives – with the crowdedness indicator on the app riders can choose if they want to get on the bus arriving, wait for the next bus depending on how many people are on the bus, or choose another travel option, such as other local transit services, bikeshare, and scooter. It gives riders more control over their transportation experience. The app also includes dashboards for the Ride On Central Communications team to monitor bus loads and more quickly dispatch additional buses when buses are full.

This Ride On Trip Planner app is funded by a federal grant to help the community continue to travel locally in a COVID safe and more efficient way. This partnership is a two-year pilot to test the combined Ride On passenger load and trip planning functionalities in the County and beyond. After the pilot is completed, decisions will be made on whether to keep this application, expand its capabilities, or use it to replace the current Ride On Real Time application, based on feedback from County residents and other users.

The Ride On Trip Planner solution is based on Moovit’s long-running robust native and web transit apps designed for endless scale and serving 100s of millions of users worldwide, with zero downtime.

The application features:

  • Multimodal trip planning – in addition to Ride On route options, it includes other options like local transit services, bikeshare and scooter options
  • Real-time arrivals
  • Customized micro-mobility integrations

The Ride On Trip Planner app solution includes Android, iPhone, and web app, which benefit from Moovit’s rich user interface and user experience, as well as comprehensive transit data, developed in partnerships with some of the most well-known transit, mobility and accessibility organizations worldwide.

The Ride On Trip Planner app features a range of accessibility capabilities to benefit people with disabilities, including blindness or low vision, ambulatory impairments, and hand-motor disabilities, enabling them to use public transit confidently and maximize their opportunities in the workplace, education, and social life.

The Moovit technology has more than 1.7 billion users in 112 countries, 3,500 cities, 7,500 transit agencies, and in 45 languages, and is a leading Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions company and the world’s most popular urban mobility app, making getting around cities easier and more convenient. The app can be downloaded through this page.



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