MCPS Alumni Propose Anti-Racist Initiatives to BOE

by MCS Staff

Three alumni of Springbrook High School (Khadijah Adamu, Sumaiya DeLane, and Samiza Palmer) have created an Anti-Racism Education Initiative. In this initiative, there are descriptions of specific actions that they would like to see the MCPS Board of Education commit to as well as a section for community members to sign their name as a show of support. 

According to the document, the initiative includes 4 main requests:  

 (1) Include and expand anti-racism and racial justice material in social sciences and humanities curricula.

(2) Revise the hiring process to include more black administrators, counselors, faculty, and staff.

(3) Require training on implicit bias, equity, and inclusion.

(4) Increase cultural awareness programs and activities by inviting speakers and organizing field trips that directly address matters of racial justice and white privilege in the MCPS student body. 

At this time, there are nearly 4,000 signatures in support of the proposal.

The writers of the Initiative document plan to share their ideas with the MCPS school board in time for their upcoming meeting on June 29.

The document in its entirety can be found here.

Featured image courtesy of the MCPS website.



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lilkunta June 24, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Amin! Make African;AfrAm! Native American history MANDATORY. I’m not forgetting Hispanics, Latinas but there are 20 countries in central,south america so which countries’ history would be learned?


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