MCPS: Student Restroom Monitoring Plan

by MCS Staff

MCPS addressed safety concerns regarding student restrooms in a recent update sent out to the community, titled MCPS Commitment to Safety, Security and Well-Being in All Schools. The portion on student restrooms can be seen below:

Our restrooms must be safe places for students and cannot be places for activities that violate our code of conduct, such as drug and tobacco use. Staff are increasing the frequency of their visual monitoring and checks inside restrooms throughout the school day, between class periods and during lunch periods.

In secondary schools, latches are being installed on exterior restroom doors to ensure they remain open, while balancing privacy and safe use. Schools may also limit access to designated restrooms during transition periods and unstructured times, such as before school, after school and during lunch periods.  These measures, along with additional support from the Department of Systemwide Safety and Emergency Management, are being implemented to enhance the level of security.


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