MoCo Woman Forgets Hiding Spot for $50,000-Winning Scratch-off

by Patrick Herron

A Silver Spring woman is $50,000 richer after purchasing a Family Feud scratch-off at Kemp Mill Beer, Wine & Deli at 1339 Lamberton Drive in Silver Spring.  The lucky winner claimed her prize this week after forgetting where she had hid the winning ticket in her home several months back. Full story below courtesy of the Maryland Lottery:

Talk about feeling relieved! A 41-year-old Montgomery County player thought she was running out of time to claim a $50,000 prize on the FAMILY FEUD® scratch-off game. Even worse, she couldn’t remember where she hid the lucky instant ticket many months ago.

But everything turned out fine, with Srijana Wosti celebrating her Lottery luck in the Winner’s Circle at Lottery headquarters this week.

The Silver Spring resident really enjoys playing the scratch-off game and has done so since it arrived at Lottery retailers in April. She is the mother of a new baby and, around June, was out for a stroll in the park when she felt lucky. Srijana stopped inside the Kemp Mill Beer, Wine & Deli at 1339 Lamberton Drive in Silver Spring and purchased one $5 FAMILY FEUD scratch-off.

“I like to watch the show on television,” said Srijana, “and, I like that Steve Harvey.” The lucky lady told Lottery officials she played the game in the store and thought it was only a $50 win. However, when she scanned it later using the MD Lottery app, it showed a $50,000 win.
“I kept scanning it over and over,” said the big winner. “I was so happy.”

Being a married full-time mom of a 2-year-old and an infant keeps Srijana very busy. After sharing news of her good fortune with her family, she hid her lucky instant ticket in a suitcase and forgot about it. This month, when she remembered about cashing it, the loyal player panicked because she thought the last date to claim her prize was fast approaching. And, to top it all off, she couldn’t find the scratch-off! After searching the house for it, she ultimately rediscovered it in her suitcase.

“I was so relieved to find it,” she said, sighing, “and to know I wasn’t too late.” Srijana told Lottery officials that she plans to apply her winnings toward family bills.

The management of her lucky Lottery retailer, Kemp Mill Beer, Wine & Deli, can enjoy some fun from her win, too. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the Montgomery County store will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The FAMILY FEUD scratch-off is still packed with big prizes, including three $50,000 top prizes, two $5,000 second-tier prizes and more than 300,000 others ranging from $5 to $1,000.




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