A $1 million winning Mega Millions lottery ticket was sold at the 7-Eleven at 12405 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. Additional details below courtesy of the Maryland Lottery:
“Congratulations to our new Maryland millionaire! A lucky player bought a $1 million winning Mega Millions ticket in Silver Spring while a $20 million jackpot winning ticket was sold in New York in the Tuesday, April 18 drawing.

Check your tickets for a $1 million win if you visited 7-Eleven #11572 at 12405 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. Three other players in California, Iowa and Ohio also matched five of the winning numbers in the drawing to capture $1 million second-tier prizes.

The winning numbers to match were 7, 9, 15, 19 and 25; the Mega Ball number was 4 and the optional Megaplier number was 2. Maryland had a total of 11,721 winners in the Tuesday night drawing. Lottery officials encourage all winners to sign the back of their tickets immediately and put them in a safe location until they can claim their prize.

This is Maryland’s third $1 million winning Mega Millions ticket sold in 2023, and the state had four $1 million winners in Mega Millions in 2022.

The Montgomery County retailer will receive a $2,500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the lucky ticket. Because the jackpot was hit, the estimated annuity is reset to $20 million for the Friday, April 21 drawing, with an estimated cash option of $10.5 million.

Winners get 182 days from the date of the drawing to claim prizes. Instructions on claiming prizes in person or by mail are available HERE. Players must redeem prizes larger than $25,000 by mail or at Lottery headquarters in the Montgomery Park Business Center, 1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 330 in Baltimore. The Lottery’s Claims Center in Baltimore is open by appointment only (no walk-ins). Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

Mega Millions tickets are sold in 47 states and jurisdictions. Odds of winning a $1 million prize are 1 in 12 million with overall odds of winning 1 in 24. Winning numbers are available at mdlottery.comand on your mobile phone by downloading the free MD Lottery app.”


A New York resident is $50,000 richer after purchasing a winning lottery scratch-off ticket at the 7-Eleven located at 9254 New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring. Full story below courtesy of the Maryland Lottery:
“Driving south to celebrate a family birthday, a New York woman found herself in a Silver Spring 7-Eleven. She’d gone in to get a drink for her daughter, but she came out with much more than a carton of milk. The lucky visitor is the latest to win the top prize playing the popular $50,000 Cash scratch-off.

“My mom came in the store with me,” the 26-year-old soon-to-be mother of two told Lottery officials. “She was the one who suggested I try a ticket.” She sometimes buys a Lottery ticket at home, the resident of Hampton Bays on Long Island explained, but her mother plays daily. “Mom always says, ‘You never know,’ and, man, was she right.”

Perusing the scratch-off selection at 7-Eleven #23666, our winner decided to splurge on a $20 ticket. “My boyfriend and I never play tickets that cost more than $10, but I decided to do it, just this once.”
Outside in her car, the lucky lady scratched off her instant ticket. Her heart began to race and she had to choke back tears. “I saw right away that I’d won $50,000, it was crazy. I showed my boyfriend and he agreed. I was stunned.” The couple’s subdued celebration changed abruptly when her mother got in the car. “My mom couldn’t speak at first. Then she started screaming, ‘I told you, I told you. You never know!’”

The New York couple will use their winnings to ready their home for the upcoming arrival of their second child. Their lucky Lottery retailer, 7-Eleven at 9254 New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring, shares in the fun. The Montgomery County retailer will earn a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off. The $50,000 Cash game debuted in December with 160 top prizes. This win marks the 37th time a Maryland player has uncovered a $50,000 win. There are still 135 of the game’s $5,000 second-tier prizes still in circulation, as well.”


A $50,000 winning scratch-off ticket was recently sold at the 29 Convenience Mart at 10755 Colesville Road in Silver Spring. Full story below courtesy of the Maryland Lottery:

“A prospective college student from Silver Spring stopped by a convenience store to quench her thirst and walked out with a cold drink and the ticket to some cold hard cash. She used an extra $10 to purchase a Gold X50 scratch-off and won $50,000. Lady Luck was shining on the 20-year-old when she entered 20 Convenience Mart in Silver Spring last week. The winner doesn’t play Lottery games often and her scratch-off purchase was a last-minute thought. The Montgomery County resident played the game at home, where she revealed the big win.

“I saw the 50X symbol and the $1,000 prize underneath and I just screamed and screamed,” she said. The happy player then alerted her parents of her Lottery luck and the whole house resounded with screams of joy. “It’s just so crazy because I don’t really play,” said the winner, smiling. When things calmed down, the player’s father helped her figure out the claims process. He accompanied her to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the $50,000 prize.

The Montgomery County resident, who plans to attend college in the fall, will use her winnings toward tuition. She also shared with Lottery officials that she might go on a vacation with some of her newfound fortune. The happy player nabbed the fifth $50,000 prize in the game, leaving six remaining. Also up for grabs are five $100,000 top prizes, 20 $10,000 prizes and over 528,000 prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.

The Gold X50 scratch-off is part of the Gold Multiplier scratch-off family of games that also has a Gold Multiplier second-chance promotion where $50,000 prizes are given away monthly through June. Other members of the scratch-off family are the $1 Gold X5, $2 Gold X10 and $5 Gold X20 games.”

Featured photo courtesy of Google Maps.


Per Montgomery County: Four in-person seminars on “Introduction to Women’s Self-Defense” will be offered this spring by the Montgomery County Commission for Women. Each S.A.F.E. (Self-defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange) seminar is a two-hour “sampler” session for women of all ages and abilities taught by Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)-certified instructors. The seminars, which cost $12 per participant, are exclusively for women and require pre-registration to participate. Women ages 13-17 are welcome to participate, but they must be accompanied by an adult woman who is also registered for the class.

The classes will include training on risk, crime awareness and prevention. Participants will be given a 13-piece student folio with information on how to reduce the risk of exposure to violence and how to escape violence. Participants also will learn some physical aspects of self-defense.
The self-defense seminars will be offered at the following locations:

  • Saturday, March 18. 1-3 p.m. Longwood Community Recreation Center, 19300 Georgia Ave., Brookeville.
  • Tuesday, March 22. 7-9 p.m. Plum Gar Community Recreation Center, 19561 Scenery Drive, Germantown.
  • Wednesday, March 28. 7-9 p.m. Mid-County Community Recreation Center, 2004 Queensguard Road, Silver Spring.
  • Wednesday, April 5. 7-9 p.m. White Oak Community Recreation Center, 1700 April Lane, Silver Spring.

For additional information and to register for a session, click here.
A minimum of 10 participants is needed for each class.
A men’s self-defense class is also available but is not currently offered by the Commission for Women. Those interested in a men’s class should call 240-777-8300.
For more information about the Commission for Women, visit Home – CFW (montgomerycountymd.gov) or call 240-777-8300.


Northwood High School at 919 University Blvd W in Silver Spring has recently been the victim of two incidents of hate and antisemitic vandalism of their athletic field, according to a community letter from Northwood Principal Jonathan Garrick. In the letter, Garrick said, “this has included the posting of organized and professionally created flyers containing horrific hate speech. This matter is currently under investigation by Montgomery County Police and our Community Engagement Officer Russell Larson.”  According to Montgomery County Police, a report was taken on Thursday, February 2, but additional details on the investigation are unavailable at this time.

Full letter below:
“Hello Northwood Community Partners:
Northwood High School has recently been the victim of two incidents of hate and antisemitic vandalism of our athletic field. This has included the posting of organized and professionally created flyers containing horrific hate speech. This matter is currently under investigation by Montgomery County Police and our Community Engagement Officer Russell Larson.

We are asking assistance from the community to please report any similar flyer postings within the immediate community to Officer Larson at [email protected]. If, when using Northwood facilities, community members see any postings or vandalism to contact me as soon as possible as well ([email protected]). Our entire community stands united that this hatred will never be allowed and those committing it will face severe consequences.

In the course of our investigation, the individual is entering property from the practice fields/Loxford Terrace side of the facilities. We strongly suspect this is in avoidance of our lighting and camera system. For the safety of our students, staff, and community, the Loxford Terrace gate will be closed until further notice. It is our hope to force this individual to either cease their hateful actions or to use our well lit and camera secured front side to enter property where they can be identified.

I know this closure of the Loxford Terrace gate is an inconvenience for our community. It is our sincere hope we can reopen it once a suspect is caught, or we are confident these hate crimes have stopped.

Please note that we are not altering any access to our facilities for the public: our track, tennis courts, and practice fields will maintain the same community access hours.

We appreciate our community’s understand and vigilance in sending a clear message that this hatred will never be tolerated and will be actively opposed.

Jonathan Garrick, Ed.D.
Northwood High School
Montgomery County Public Schools”


A $100,000 winning scratch-off lottery ticket sold at the 7-Eleven at 650 East University Boulevard in Silver Spring was among the top lottery prizes for the week of January 23-29. Other local winners included a $50,000 scratch-off sold at the 7-Eleven at 9900 Key West Avenue in Rockville, a $10,000 scratch-off sold at Ollie’s Beer, Wine and Deli at 2011 Veirs Mill Road in Rockville, and a $10,000 scratch-off sold at the Giant at 7919 Tuckerman Lane in Rockville. Additional information below courtesy of the Maryland Lottery:

“Maryland Lottery players in Baltimore, Beltsville, Bowie and Silver Spring won $100,000 each playing scratch-off tickets, topping the list of big winners for the week ending Jan. 29. The scratch-off ticket $50,000 Cash delivered 10 of the 18 prizes of $50,000 that were won across the state last week. $50,000 Cash, which went on sale in late December, launched with 160 top prizes of $50,000 each. In all, the seven days ending Jan. 29 produced 39 winning tickets worth $10,000 or more that were redeemed or sold across Maryland, and the Lottery paid more than $28.5 million in prizes during that span.

Winners of prizes larger than $25,000 must redeem their tickets at the Maryland Lottery Claims Center in Baltimore, which is open by appointment only. Prizes of up to $5,000 can be claimed at any of more than 400 Expanded Cashing Authority Program (XCAP) locations. All Maryland Lottery retailers are authorized to redeem tickets up to and including $600. More information is available on the How To Claim page of mdlottery.com.

Here is the weekly roundup of big winners:

Scratch-off Prizes Claimed Jan. 23-29:

$100,000 Prizes

$50,000 Prizes

$10,000 Prizes

  • $250,000 Gold Rush, Shoppers #2339, 7790 Riverdale Road, New Carrollton
  • Cash is King, Riverdale Plaza Liquors, 5729 Riverdale Road, Riverdale
  • Lady Luck, NSR Mart #004, 28270 Three Notch Road, Mechanicsville
  • Lady Luck, 7-Eleven #38930, 8301 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena
  • Lucky Times 10, Machado Mini Mart, 201 East Heath Street, Baltimore
  • Mega 7s, Meadows Market & Restaurant, 9400 Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro
  • Million Dollar Mega Multiplier, Ollie’s Beer, Wine and Deli, 2011 Veirs Mill Road, Rockville
  • Money Explosion, White Marsh BP, 5250 Campbell Boulevard, Nottingham
  • Six Figures, Giant #106, 7919 Tuckerman Lane, Rockville

FAST PLAY and Draw Game Tickets Sold for Drawings Jan. 23-29:


  • $50,000 Winfall Doubler ticket sold Jan. 28 at Safeway #1469, 5660 Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore (unclaimed as of Jan. 30)


  • $50,000 ticket sold Jan. 29 at High Bridge Market Place, 6021 High Bridge Road, Bowie (unclaimed as of Jan. 30)
  • $50,000 ticket sold Jan. 27 at Dash In #1851, 6000 Sandy Spring Road, Laurel (unclaimed as of Jan. 30)
  • Two $25,000 tickets sold Jan. 23 at Sheetz #318, 20760 Old Great Mills Road, Great Mills (both claimed)
  • $25,000 ticket sold Jan. 27 at BP Padgett’s Corner, 7101 Allentown Road, Fort Washington (claimed)
  • $25,000 ticket sold Jan. 25 at High’s #82, 11250 Dolfield Boulevard, Owings Mills (unclaimed as of Jan. 30)
  • $25,000 ticket sold Jan. 26 at Wawa #562-E, 163 East Crain Highway, Upper Marlboro (unclaimed as of Jan. 30)


  • $50,000 ticket sold Jan. 24 at Maiden Choice Liquors, 1064 Maiden Choice Lane, Arbutus (claimed)
  • $50,000 ticket sold Jan. 25 at T&T Liquors, 13801 Annapolis Road, Bowie (claimed)
  • $50,000 ticket sold Jan. 28 at The Corner Pub, 158 Mulberry Street, Hagerstown (unclaimed as of Jan. 30)


  • $30,994.50 ticket sold Jan. 25 at Casa Mia Restaurant, 8601 Honeygo Boulevard, Nottingham (unclaimed as of Jan. 30)
  • $23,150 ticket sold Jan. 23 at Maple Beer and Wine, 8125 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda (claimed)
  • $22,814 ticket sold Jan. 25 at Safeway #1620, 20211 Goshen Road, Gaithersburg (claimed)

The Maryland Lottery encourages players to check their tickets by scanning them at any Lottery retailer or with the Lottery’s mobile apps. Draw game winners have 182 days from the date of a drawing to claim their prizes, and scratch-off winners have 182 days from the announced end-of-game date.

Last claim dates for scratch-off tickets are published in the scratch-off section of mdlottery.com.”


For additional construction, updates visit the Purple Line project webpage at purplelinemd.com/construction/construction-updates. For the most up-to-date service information, riders should follow @RideOnMCT on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Instagram. In addition, information is available at RideOnBus.com, by subscribing to receive email alerts, or by texting MONTGOMERY RIDEON to 468311 to receive text alerts.

For information on MCDOT programs and services visit montgomerycountymd.gov/mcdot, follow @MCDOTNow on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and subscribe to MCDOT’s “Go Montgomery!” newsletter.


A 58-year-old mother of two is $50,004 richer after purchasing a winning Powerball ticket at the Giant located at 7142 Arlington Road in Bethesda.  Additional details below courtesy of the Maryland Lottery:

“A Montgomery County jackpot chaser missed a $265 million Powerball jackpot by just one number in the Jan. 2 drawing but she did add $50,004 to her bank account. The 58-year-old was shopping at Giant #327, which is located at 7142 Arlington Road in Bethesda, when she remembered to play her numbers. She’s played a special set of numbers for years and made sure to get a ticket for the Jan. 2 drawing. The big winner played four lines of numbers for $8.

Her husband checked her ticket the next day, using the Lottery’s app to reveal the win. The lucky lady matched four white balls and the red Powerball for $50,000. She also matched the red Powerball on another line, bringing her total to $50,004 “When my husband called to tell me, I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I usually only win small amounts.” The program assistant and her husband claimed the prize on Jan. 20 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The parents of two children shared with Lottery officials that they plan to use the winnings toward bills and college tuitions. The Powerball jackpot is still on a roll! Players can try to win an estimated jackpot annuity of $526 million in the Wednesday, Jan. 25 drawing, or the estimated cash value of $284 million.”


MoCo native drummer Allison Miller, who is a three-time Jazz Ambassador for the U.S. Department of State, will be performing at the Strathmore Music Center on February 10th. The show, In Our Veins, is described as a multisensory experience that combines original jazz music with tap dance and video projections, all inspired by five great American rivers.  Addition details below courtesy of Strathmore:
“This February, Strathmore presents Allison Miller’s Rivers in Our Veins on the Music Center stage for an immersive multimedia performance, Friday, February 10, 2023 at 8pm. The evening will include a Pre-Concert Discussion with local riverkeepers from the Anacostia Watershed Society, Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN), and Groundwork Anacostia River DC exploring the complex social and ecological factors that affect our region’s waterways, environmental sustainability and justice.

Drummer, composer, and educator Allison Miller created Rivers in Our Veins as an exploration of the cultural and ecological life of rivers. She combines original jazz music with tap dance by Claudia Rahardjanoto and Luke Hickley, modern dance by Maleek Washington and improvisational video projections by Todd Winkler inspired by the sights, sounds, and movements of five U.S. rivers, including the Potomac and James.

Between the rhythmic elements inherent in tap and her dynamic movements, Rahardjanoto serves as a bridge between the aural and visual impacts of the piece. Rahardjanoto is both a dancer and a musician, blending into the performance as an additional member of the band. At the same time, Winkler improvises with imagery as his instrument. His projected natural sets shift in reaction to the band’s improvisational interplay and Claudia’s rhythmic vibrations, captured live via a feed connecting Rahardjanoto’s tap floor with his video equipment. What results is a balanced, multimedia experience that unifies the senses and fully immerses the audience into the wonders of these great American waterways.

“[This] stunning and deep work . . . continues the conversation many of us are having about where we come from, where we are, and what we are going to do about where we are going,” says Toshi Reagon, longtime bandmate, friend, and collaborator of Miller. Reagon will be returning to Strathmore this spring for an encore performance of Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower Opera.

Miller’s time with Strathmore will include a residency with students and artists from the DMV area on January 24, including interviews with river experts Dennis Chestnut, Chris Williams, and Nancy Stoner, as well as an Artist in Residence workshop at AMP. She will also conduct a music workshop at her alma mater, Sherwood High School, February 8 in Olney, MD.”

Growing up in Silver Spring and Olney, MD, Allison Miller is a three-time Jazz Ambassador for the U.S. Department of State and has been the rhythmic force behind such artists as Sara Bareilles, Ani DiFranco, Natalie Merchant, Brandi Carlile, Indigo Girls, Toshi Reagon, and more.

Tap dancer Claudia Rahardjanoto has performed globally, solo and with award-winning tap dance company Dorrance Dance, who performed at the Music Center at Strathmore this past November. Luke Hickey is a NYC based tap dancer, choreographer, and educator named by Dance Magazine among their “25 to Watch” in 2020. Maleek Washington started his professional career with Strathmore educational partner CityDance Ensemble and has since performed and taught both nationally and internationally.

Video artist Todd Winkler, Director of the PhD program in Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments at Brown University, has received international attention at festivals and venues both nationally and internationally. Miller’s band Boom Tic Boom features Carmen Staaf on piano; Jenny Scheinman on violin; Ben Goldberg on clarinet; Jason Palmer on cornet; and Todd Sickafoose on bass, tony-Award winning orchestrator and music producer of Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown.

This program is part of a multi-year examination of the environment through artistic expression and is made possible, in part, through the generous support Kathleen Knepper.
Commissioned by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.


Strathmore is a multidimensional, creative anchor in the community, where everyone can connect with the arts, and artists can explore their full potential.

It presents hundreds of performances, visual arts, and education programs, annually, for diverse audiences on its Montgomery County Maryland campus and in the community.

All of Strathmore’s facilities are Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ accredited.


For further information or tickets, call (301) 581-5100 or visit www.strathmore.org.




While nobody matched all six numbers in last night’s Mega Millions drawing, three MoCo retailers sold winning tickets worth $10,000. Those stores were the State Line Market at 7817 Eastern Avenue in Silver Spring, Tiger Beer, Wine & Deli at 303 North Washington Street in Rockville, and Watkins Mill Beer & Wine at 857 Russell Avenue in Gaithersburg. The next Mega Millions drawing will take place this Friday, January 13, and has an estimated value of  $1.35 billion with a cash value of $707.9 million. Additional details below courtesy of the Maryland Lottery:

Although there was no Mega Millions jackpot winner on Tuesday night, the drawing produced five third-tier $10,000-winning tickets sold in Maryland. Congratulations! The jackpot for the next Mega Millions drawing on Friday, Jan. 13 rolled to an estimated annuity value of $1.35 billion. If the jackpot is hit at that amount on Friday, it would be the second-largest in Mega Millions history and the fourth-largest in U.S. lottery history. The estimated cash value for Friday’s drawing is $707.9 million.

The winning numbers in the Jan. 10 drawing were 7, 13, 14, 15 and 18; the Mega Ball was 9 and the Megaplier was x3.

There are nine prize tiers in Mega Millions, ranging from $2 up to the jackpot. There were 135,900 winning tickets sold in Maryland for Tuesday’s drawing. The following retailers sold third-tier winning tickets for Tuesday night’s drawing worth $10,000 each:

  • Discount Tobacco & Accessories, 4201 Branch Avenue in Temple Hills (Prince George’s County)
  • Harris Teeter #376, 1801 Whetstone Way in Baltimore (Baltimore City)
  • State Line Market, 7817 Eastern Avenue in Silver Spring (Montgomery County)
  • Tiger Beer, Wine & Deli, 303 North Washington Street in Rockville (Montgomery County)
  • Watkins Mill Beer & Wine, 857 Russell Avenue in Gaithersburg (Montgomery County)

Instructions on claiming prizes in person or by mail are available HERE. Players must redeem prizes larger than $25,000 by mail or at Lottery headquarters in the Montgomery Park Business Center, 1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 330 in Baltimore. The Lottery’s Customer Resource Center in Baltimore is open by appointment only (no walk-ins). Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

There were more than 6.1 million winning tickets sold nationally for Tuesday’s drawing, including 16 second-tier winning tickets worth at least $1 million each. The $1 million winners were sold in California, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts (two), Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio (two), Oregon, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Second-tier winners in Connecticut, Florida and New York added the Megaplier option to their tickets, which tripled their prizes to $3 million.

Mega Millions tickets are sold in 45 states, as well as Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In the 25 drawings since the last jackpot hit (Oct. 18 through Jan. 10), there have been: 68 second-tier winning tickets of at least $1 million and 920 third-tier winning tickets of at least $10,000 sold nationally. There have been a total of 33,271,792 winning tickets sold across all nine prize tiers during this jackpot run.

Maryland Lottery winners have 182 days from the drawing date to claim their prizes. Lottery officials encourage winners to sign the back of their tickets immediately and put them in a safe location. Check for a win using ticket scanners available at Maryland Lottery retailers or with the Maryland Lottery app, available in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.


The investigation by detectives has determined that an adult male victim was outside of his vehicle at the ATM, when he was approached by a black male suspect, armed with a knife. The suspect demanded cash from the victim. As the victim backed away, the suspect entered the victim’s car and drove away.  The suspect is described as a Black male, approximately 30-years-old, 6-feet, 2-inches to 6-feet, 3-inches tall, 180 to 190 pounds, with a medium build. He was wearing an orange hood and a medium length, gray coat.

Anyone with information regarding this suspect or this crime is asked to call the Major Crimes Division at 240-773-5070 or 240-773-TIPS or contact Crime Solvers of Montgomery County toll-free at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477).  A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect. Callers can remain anonymous.




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