Modified “Bethesda Streetery” with Heated Tents


Modified “Bethesda Streetery” with Heated Tents

A modified “Bethesda Streetery” is coming soon with heated tents on Norfolk Avenue as a way for all restaurants in our area to have the opportunity for patio and extended seating in Bethesda’s Woodmont Triangle.

The installation of tents and heaters began yesterday, Friday, Dec. 18th.

The following blocks/streets will be closed and have heated tents. The Streetery will be open from 11am – 10pm, Wednesday – Sunday. 

  • Norfolk Avenue, between Fairmont Avenue and St. Elmo Avenue
  • Norfolk Avenue, between St. Elmo Avenue and Cordell Avenue
  • Veterans Park

Streetery Rules

  • Streetery tables are for customers who purchase takeout food/beverages from a Woodmont Triangle restaurant.
  • Tables will be placed 6 – 8’ apart and will be managed by the Bethesda Urban Partnership (BUP).
  • BUP will disinfect tables after use.
  • Tables have seating for a maximum of 4 people.
  • BUP will provide for additional trash and recycling receptacles at the Streetery and empty these.

Parking areas for takeout will remain along Cordell and St. Elmo Avenues as well as throughout Woodmont Triangle.


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  1. '
  2. This is basically indoor dining. Diners beware.

  3. Uhm, indoor dining? No way.

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