Montgomery County Moves to Ban Single-use Plastic Straws

by Amy Lusignan

Montgomery County moves to ban single-use plastic straws.


Expected to take effect on May 1, 2021, the new legislation will require restaurants to phase out plastic straws by the next year.


“We were ahead of most counties on this in recognizing the need to reduce plastic and polystyrene and styrofoam and other products,” Council President Tom Hucker said at Tuesday’s virtual council meeting. Although this law may seem small, it can help make a difference for the environment. A sizable portion of aquatic pollution, plastic straws make up 200,000 tons of the annual 8 million tons of plastic that flows into the oceans.


Restaurants will still keep a small supply of straws for individuals with disabilities. However, the straws will have to be made of biodegradable material.


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Art C January 10, 2022 - 12:13 pm

If MoCo bans straws, how can we drink Starbuck Fraps? It will ruin my day! Yes, I carefully and diligently recycle and contribute to save the animals and many other charities.


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