New Police Station to be Built in Olney

by Patrick Herron

The Olney Chamber of Commerce has received a $1,000,000 grant from the State of Maryland for a new, permanent satellite police station and community center, replacing the existing police trailer that is located in front of Onelife Fitness at 17821 Georgia Avenue. Full details below per the Olney Chamber of Commerce:

(April 18, 2022) Olney, MD – The Olney Chamber of Commerce will receive a $1 million grant from the State of Maryland allocated towards construction of the Olney Police Satellite Station and Community Facility. The project involves replacing an existing trailer that currently houses the Olney Police Satellite Station with a permanent building. In addition to the police facility, the building will provide office and meeting space for the Chamber of Commerce, as well as other community and non-profit organizations.

The Chamber of Commerce is grateful to the Maryland District 14 Delegation – Senator Craig Zucker, Delegate Anne Kaiser, Delegate Eric Luedtke, and Delegate Pamela Queen. The Delegation secured the funds to support the ongoing efforts of the Olney community to ensure the future of the Montgomery County Police Department’s local satellite facility presence, and to help realize the community’s interest in having a civic building. The $1 million allocation follows $175,000 included in last year’s Maryland Capital Budget for the project.

Terri Hogan, the Olney Chamber’s Executive Director and Chamber Board Member Marc Rosendorf have worked closely with the District 14 Delegation to help bring this critical project to fruition. “We are extremely grateful to our District 14 Team,” said Hogan. “To have a permanent building in the center of Olney benefits our police officers, our businesses, and the entire community. Preliminary planning for the facility is already underway and having this additional funding in place will keep the project moving forward.”

Zucker said the funding “represents a significant State investment in this fantastic project” and that the District 14 Delegation is very pleased with the more than $1,175,000 that to date they have secured for the new Olney Police Satellite Station and Community Facility. “This record investment not only supports our first responders, but benefits the entire Greater Olney area,” said Zucker on behalf of the District 14 Team. “We are looking forward to the construction of this community gathering spot. We applaud the Olney Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery County Government, and the Montgomery County Police for their leadership on this project.”

The Olney Police Satellite Station is located in front of Onelife Fitness at 17821 Georgia Avenue. The Olney Chamber established the facility in 1997, and has since provided advocacy and financial commitment, upkeep, and maintenance of the station.


In the early 1990’s when business and residential growth was accelerating in the greater Olney area, the Olney Chamber began advocating for a local police facility to serve the community. The existing trailer was purchased by the Olney Chamber and when it opened, it was one of only five satellite stations in the entire county. In 2019, the Olney Police Satellite Station was considered at risk due to the end of its decades-long lease and the sale of the property. The Olney Chamber of Commerce moved quickly and with the guidance and involvement of the District 14 Delegation and Senator Zucker’s leadership, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich agreed to support the agreement by entering a new long-term lease with Olney One Center, LLC, the current property owner. Today, the Olney facility is the only Montgomery County Police Satellite Station still in service.

Next Steps

The Olney Chamber expects the planning for the new Olney Police Satellite Station and Community Facility to accelerate over the next 30 days. The State of Maryland’s Department of General Services and Montgomery County Executive’s Office have given approval for the Olney Chamber to enter into an agreement with a project consultant to lead the coordination of architectural, engineering and project management services.


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Kevin Glasser January 30, 2023 - 1:54 am

Just as a thought and possible recommendation, consideration should be given to placing the police satellite station at the corner of GA Ave and Spartan, in old Chevy Chase Bank building. Thought is that it may be easier for the police cruisers to get in/out in an emergency to go on GA Ave north, south or down Spartan to Rt 108 east and certainly quicker to get to Morningwood where, it is my understanding, there tends to be more activity and police calls then most other areas in Olney. Additionally, that corner is not the best location for a commercial business to operate out of and have customers coming in/out of since it is on a corner. If it were used by the police, it may be possible to have an access to the station from the One Life Fitness Center parking lot for use by the police officers which would use it much more prudently than customers most likely. Just a thought.


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