Rally in Support of Old Georgetown Road Safety Improvements (Added Bike Lanes) to Take Place Sunday, January 8

by MCS Staff

The Action Committee for Transit is hosting a rally in support of the Maryland State Highway Administration’s decision to improve safety on nearly two miles of MD 187 (Old Georgetown Road) in North Bethesda. The safety improvements on MD 187, between south of I-495 (Capital Beltway) and Nicholson Lane, converted one travel lane in each direction in order to add buffered bicycle lanes and the installation of flex posts to outline the new bicycle lanes.

“Please join us on Sunday, January 8, to show support for the State Highway Administration’s decision to enact a road diet when replacing a portion of Old Georgetown Road. Biking? Meet at 10:30 am at Medical Center Metro Or 11:00 am at Old Georgetown Rd & West Cedar Ln. Then ride the Old Georgetown bike lanes to Nicholson Ln and back! Walking or rolling? Meet at 11:15 am at Old Georgetown Rd & Tuckerman Ln, then walk or roll past future Woodward HS to Edson Ln (0.8 miles) or Nicholson Ln (1.6 miles) and back (Parking at Timberlawn Local Park, 10800 Gloxinia Dr) Short rally for safety at West Cedar Ln, after the ride!”

Petitions have been created in support of and against the bike lanes that have been added to that portion of Old Georgetown Rd. Featured photo courtesy of the ‘Support the SHA redesign of Old Georgetown Road’ petition.


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Stop Pushing Bikes Down Our Throats January 7, 2023 - 7:57 pm

These bicycle activists are sick.. They always want to bike on the most congested and busiest roads . They have bike trails but refuse to use them. DC has so many bicycle lanes and they are hardly used. Just sit and watch a bike lane.. The government should have bikes pay a yearly registration fee and they should have insurance.

Marc Brenman January 8, 2023 - 7:21 am

Giving up 39% of asphalt for about 1% of bike users makes no public policy sense. It creates more congestion, pollution through idling, delays for emergency vehicles, aggravation and stress for motorized vehicle drivers and passengers. Outside of rallies like this, the bike lanes are extremely lightly used. Old Georgetown isn’t even in the County’s Bicycle Master Plan. And that plan shows no overall growth in bicycle use in the County. Making concessions to bike riders is also not equitable and not consistent with the County’s Equity Plan, because most bike riders are young, white, male, and nondisabled. Everyone else gets left out. Buses, which are ridden mostly by lower income people and people of color, have a hard time onboarding and discharging passengers because of the bike lanes. Many bicyclist disobey traffic laws and rules, running stop signs and lights. Bike are completely unregulated– no training, education, licensing, inspection, insurance, or traffic enforcement. The bike lanes are almost completely empty at night in inclement weather. County and State officials should not be coerced by a small elitist group like bicycle riders. The Action Committee for Transit should do just that– concentrate on 24/7/365 transit, virtual mobility (remote work, telemedicine, distance learning, online shopping), paratransit, TNCs, jitneys, vanpools, micromobility, etc.)


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