Remember BD’s Mongolian Grill in Bethesda?


Remember BD’s Mongolian BBQ in Bethesda?

Today we remember BD’s Mongolian BBQ. The Midwest restaurant chain had just one DC area location– at 7201 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda.

For 14 and a half years, from 1998 until August 2012, Mongolian BBQ provided a unique restaurant experience that attracted customers from across the county, state, and even NoVa and DC.

The Bethesda location was an independently owned and operated franchise. The restaurant allowed you to create-your-own stir fry in an interactive setting.

Here’s how it worked…

You’d choose from any of the fresh ingredients you wanted, with the ability to customize your choices. You could go heavy on the protein, choose your veggies or go with an entirely vegetarian or vegan bowl, decide from multiple sauces and spices, and then watch as grillers stir-fry your custom creation right before your eyes in a relatively entertaining fashion before taking your meal back to your table.

The best part? It was all-you-can-eat! This was a very 90s and 2000s experience, but one we remember fondly. It was a great place for a fun and filling night out, or a gathering place to celebrate a birthday or any other kind of special occasion.

While not as “vintage” as many of the other old-school MoCo restaurants we discuss, BD’s Mongolian Grill will always have a place in our hearts.

Have a craving for Mongolian BBQ? The closest BD’s Mongolian Grill will location is 283 miles away in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. A similar restaurant, Genghis Grill, is located in nearby Alexandria… though you may want to wait a few months to try the full experience.


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