Ricciuti’s to Close Permanently, Salt & Vine to Take Over

Ricciuti’s in Olney will close permanently this Saturday, February 15th.

The Olney House, where Ricciuti’s is located, was recently sold. It has been a familiar landmark in Olney for 200 years. The house and the springhouse are the only remaining historic sites at the intersection of the old Brookeville-Washington Pike and the Sandy Spring-Mechanicsville Road.

After renovations the restaurant will re-open under new ownership with a new name. We’re told it’ll be called Salt & Vine.

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11 Comments on "Ricciuti’s to Close Permanently, Salt & Vine to Take Over"

  1. It breaks my ❤️ heart. I was so sad when they closed for lunch. The end of an era.

  2. One of my favorites places. I am thrilled that it will still be a restaurant❤️

  3. They will be missed

  4. Larry Goldstein | February 11, 2020 at 3:43 pm | Reply

    So sorry to hear about the closing of Ricciuti’s. One of the very few classy and friendly restaurants in Olney. It will be missed.

  5. Will the food be better?

  6. Wonder what kinds of food the new restaurant will serve?

  7. So sorry to hear this. It has been such a good restaurant. The food and the servers have been great.

  8. Classy compared to who or what. Still sad their leaving but open to changes.

  9. They were are favorite restaurant! The only local place to get clean and tasty food, with good service, and a great atmosphere!

  10. The sad news. We hope that the new owners will keep the spirit of this place.

  11. Mary Wampler Hawbecker | April 7, 2020 at 9:43 pm | Reply

    My first job over 44 years ago was a Touch of Class, a wonderful introduction to life but was told early on that I should be an accountant. I talked too much and worked to slow. I needed to go to college and make them proud. Lisa and Sharon definitely inspired. The owners made me who I am today. There was another lady that worked there with reddish Blonde hair. She had a little boy named Christian that was so adorable and sweet as could be. One night when babysitting we went outside the play, came in and cooked dinner and retired to watch TV. Minutes later when I turned the kitchen light on, Christian was running thru stamping his feet. When I asked what he was doing he replied “Kill those goddamn roaches”. Funnier words have never been said,

    The Olney House will always be my first job and where I was inspired by two strong women to push for more. This is and always be my house.



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