Shouk, A Kosher Street Food Restaurant, Will Open Two MoCo Locations This Fall


Shouk, A Kosher Street Food Restaurant, Will Open Two MoCo Locations This Fall

Today, Shouk announced that they would be opening two new locations this fall– one in Wildwood Shopping Center in Bethesda, and another in Rockville’s Montrose Shopping Center.

Shouk is best known for their plant-based, Kosher street food. Per their website, their menu is “Inspired by the bold flavors of the world’s liveliest street markets, we craft our food from real ingredients you can pronounce. Fresh vegetables, beans, grains, and lots of spices.”

Their offerings include stuffed pitas, homemade veggie burgers (known as “Shouk Burgers”), eggplant burgers, mushroom shawarma, different flavors of hummus, salads with mediterranean ingredients, plant based side dishes (shouk’n nuggets, red lentil soup, cashew labneh), desserts, and more.

They have two locations in DC– one in Mount Vernon and another near Union Market. Throughout the pandemic, Shouk has been offering neighborhood food drops throughout the DMV. The success of their MoCo “hood drops” has inspired the restaurant to open their newest locations here.

From Shouk’s announcement today: “This past year, our pandemic-era HoodDrop program turned DMV neighborhoods into pop-up-Shouks. And our growing community in Montgomery County stepped up big time — in huge and heart-warming numbers — for some Real Good Street Food. So now, we’re sealing the deal.

Thanks to YOU, the Shouk dream’s becoming a reality. Two brand new locations coming this Fall, doubling our reach. And this is just the beginning.”

You can learn more about Shouk here.

Featured photo courtesy of Shouk’s Instagram.

By: Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay


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