The Second Oldest Active Train Station in the Country is in MoCo

by MCS Staff

Kensington Station, located at 10417 Howard Avenue, is the second-oldest active train station in the United States (the B&O Ellicott City Station is the oldest). Kensington station was built in 1891 and was originally called Knowles Station, named for George Knowles whose farm was subdivided to create much of the Town of Kensington today. The station was built by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) and the Kensington station is currently served by MARC Train’s Brunswick Line. There are fifteen weekday scheduled stops at Kensington station, as well as one flag stop scheduling on Fridays.

The station has a former B&O station master’s house and the building is open during the Kensington Farmers Market, which is held in the station parking lot. Inside there is an old stove, waiting area, and restrooms. Tickets can be purchased from a self-service machine. Per the Town of Kensington website, “For just 35 cents Washingtonians could ditch their horse and buggies and take an 11-mile trip out to Kensington from DC’s Union Station.”

Featured photo courtesy of the Town of Kensington website


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