The Top 10 North Bethesda/Rockville Restaurants According to Our Writer @Pike.and.rozay

by Michelle Katz

The Top 10 North Bethesda/Rockville Restaurants According to Our Writer @Pike.and.rozay

While there may be some debate over what to call the area surrounding Pike & Rose, our writer pike.and.rozay feels that there is no debate over which are her favorite restaurants in that area! 

Check out her thoughts on the best local (non-chain) restaurants in the North Bethesda/ Rockville neighborhood and let us know below if you agree with her!


Patate pizza at Ema Rossi

10. Ema Rossi (in Rock Creek Village Center off of Norbeck Rd)— All of their pizzas have a unique and thoughtful combo of toppings, there’s something for everyone here! One of the things that makes this place so special is how genuinely excited all the staff are about the food that they make. If you love learning about how everything is made, this is the place for you. My favorite dishes: Di Mare pasta and Patate- Pizza with roasted potato, mortadella, mozzarella, herb ricotta, pistachios. 


Kanom Jeeb at Bangkok Garden in Rockville

9. Bangkok Garden (In Wintergreen Plaza off of 355)—  Delicious Thai street food! Every bite is full of flavor, I’ve never had anything mediocre there. They also offer a “secret Thai” menu with dishes such as Koi (raw beef salad) and Gang Som Cha Oom– described as “Thai Style Sour Curry with fried eggs infused with Acacia Leaves and Shrimp”. My favorite dishes– Drunken fried rice, Kanom Jeeb— pork and crabmeat dumplings 


Salmon with toasted Quinoa from Owen’s Ordinary

8. Owen’s Ordinary (in Pike & Rose)— Way more than your average biergarten. They offer traditional bar bites like nachos and wings, but their new chef has created some really craveable seasonal specials too! Love their outdoor dining area as well.  My favorite items– Bacon wrapped dates, Salmon with quinoa. 


Cajun Seafood Banh Mi from Anh-Mazing Viet Kitchen at The Block

7. The Block (in Pike & Rose) — Technically a food hall made of several amazing restaurants (Little Miner Taco, Anh-mazing Viet Kitchen, Kyoto Matcha, just to name a few). I love the Block because there’s something for everyone! You can order apps at one stall, entrees at another, and dessert from somewhere else all in one place. The food at each stall is unique, the decor is highly a e s t h e t i c, and it’s fun that there’s a bar in the middle of it all. 


Vegetable dumplings from Bob’s

6. Bob’s Shanghai 66 (off of North Washington street near Rockville town center)— You might know and love Bob’s for their xiaolongbao (dumplings filled with soup and meatballs, also known as XLB or soup dumplings), but really everything is excellent. All of the dishes taste handmade and you can tell they’ve put a lot of time into perfecting their recipes. Fun fact: They were cash only for YEARS but now accept venmo and will let you prepay with credit card for pick up orders. Favorite dishes– Salt & pepper flounder, vegetable dumplings.


Sushi from Kusshi

5. Kusshi (in Pike & Rose)— Before the pandemic, Kusshi was both the place to have an elegant evening of sushi and the place to have a night of fun. They would often have samples of different Japanese alcohols and have dance parties with DJs. Since the pandemic hit, they have switched things up and now offer a huge range of Japanese snacks– these set Kusshi apart and make it a fun destination! My favorite dishes– Fried shumai, spicy tuna roll (add avocado and mango– not technically on the menu, but sometimes they’ll do it if you ask nicely).


Bagel with veggie cream cheese and whitefish from Ize’s

4. Ize’s (across from Pike & Rose, on the opposite side of Old Georgetown)— The BEST bagels south of New York (in my opinion). The bagels are perfectly sized and have just the right texture. Ize’s is a well-oiled machine and they move quickly, make sure to know your order BEFORE you get in line. Favorite dish– plain bagel (untoasted) with veggie cream cheese and a side of white fish salad.


Pescado a lo Macho from La Limeña Grill

3. La Limeña Grill (off of 355 across from Best Buy)– Mouthwatering Peruvian food. They have a huge list of seafood-forward appetizers (including ceviche). This is one restaurant where I consistently order the same thing every time because it’s so good: Pescado a lo Macho– fried fresh tilapia topped with a blend of seafood and special sauce, served with rice and crispy potatoes. No idea what’s in their secret sauce, but you can tell how much love and care they put into making it. 


Lobster Omelette from Julii

2. Julii (in Pike & Rose) — A night (or brunch) out at Julii feels like you’re on vacation. The French-Mediterranean food is both beautiful and delicious. They also have a great range of gorgeous cocktails and an excellent brunch menu. My favorite dishes– Scallops risotto, French onion soup, L’omelette Lobster.


Dishes from Commonwealth Indian

1. Commonwealth Indian (in Pike & Rose) — Commonwealth is my number one favorite–  I love Indian food to begin with, but the fine dining twists from Commonwealth really take everything to another level. It’s one of the most luxurious spots in the area and is the perfect place to go when you’re looking to treat yourself or celebrate a special occasion! My favorite dishes– Yellow crab curry, Tandoori octopus, Spinach mango chat

By: Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay


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