Two Instances of Hate-Based Graffiti Found at Gaithersburg High School This Week; Statement From County Council

by Patrick Herron

The Montgomery County Council issued the following statement today condemning another instance of hate-based graffiti at Gaithersburg High School:
“We are saddened to hear of another instance of hate-based graffiti found at a Montgomery County Public School (MCPS), and the second instance this past week alone at Gaithersburg High School (GHS). This time race-based.

The Council stands in solidarity with the GHS community and the entire MCPS community in condemning all acts of hate and racism. We are committed to making our schools safe and inclusive spaces for all our students, no matter their race, religion or background.  We stand ready to support MCPS in its ongoing efforts to create a community of care and respect.

We must uphold the values of diversity and inclusivity that make Montgomery County so special and continue to educate our youth about the importance of respecting these values and understanding the harm these hate acts cause. To ensure we are an inclusive community, we all must become actively conscious about racism and take actions to end racial inequities.

The Council expresses its gratitude to MCPS and GHS administrators and staff for their response and prompt communication to GHS families.”


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