Yirasai Sushi is Coming to Park Potomac

by MCS Staff

Yirasai Sushi will be moving to Park Potomac, according to restaurant management.

Earlier today we spoke with a manager at Yirasai Sushi, located at 5110 Ridgefield Road in the Westwood Shipping Center in Bethesda, who told us that the tentative plan is to close to the current location later this year as they prepare to move in to the old Elevation Burger spot in Park Potomac that became available last month. 

Per the Yirasai website, “Kim’s Yirasai Sushi and Café is owned and operated by Mr. Kim. He took over the restaurant from the previous owner in 2004 and has worked hard to make Yirasai a neighborhood gem.”

”Yirasai has been recognized as many people’s favorites by others such as The Washingtonian and NBC4. Mr.Kim has many regular customers whom he has built friendships with over the past years. Accommodating to the customer’s needs, Mr. Kim and his staff are quick to make adjustments and changes if needed.”

Featured photo courtesy of Yirasai.


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