Have you ever wondered what your energy looks like? Using a specialized camera, AURA AURA captures your aura on packfilm, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind portraits.

AURA AURA’s Energy Photography Experience Coming to the DMV May 14-16
Press Release below:
AURA AURA is a Detroit-based experiential portrait practice by artist Eileen Lee. Her research-based photographic experience captures your bio-magnetic, vibrational energy resulting in awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind portraits on packfilm. Aura colors can (and do) change with our life stories, emotions and situations. This personalized, exchanged-based experience looks to capture and document personal moments, empowering participants to understand their auric states, and achieve higher awareness.
AURA AURA is coming for a three-day pop-up at The Canopy at Pike & Rose for solo and duo private sessions (reservations absolutely required.) To learn more about how the sessions are conducted and how to use your aura photos, please visit https://www.auraaura.co/tour.
The Canopy by Hilton North Bethesda at Pike & Rose
940 Rose Ave, North Bethesda, MD 20852
May 14-16, 2021 | Tickets available online at https://www.auraaura.co/tour
Book your solo or duo session before they sell out. AURA AURA practices only the highest safety standards during these times. This type of Aura photography has never taken place in the DC area before and now is your chance to capture your energy in real life with AURA AURA.

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