Lenny Myers, Kennedy P.E. Teacher, Named Educator of the Month by Washington Football Team

Lenny Myers was just awarded Educator of the Month by The Washington Football Team‘s Black Engagement Network.

”Mr. Myers leads from the front. He is an amazing teacher in the classroom at John F. Kennedy High School and his students love and respect him.

His best work is in his community; Mr. Myers has a program for children looking to gain new basketball skills through his program, “Reach Beyond Basketball.” This program provides financial help to to children in the community with scholarships in order to take the burden off of struggling families.”

More on The Washington Football Team’s Black Engagement Network:

The Washington Football team has officially launched its own Black Engagement Network as part of the franchise’s efforts to strengthen its commitment to Black employees through professional development and career management.

“B.E.N. will work with organization executives and leadership to provide support, education and racial equality initiatives in communities across the Washington, D.C., metro area where our employees live and work,” head coach Ron Rivera announced June 10. “I am honored to work at an organization with so many people who want to change our society for the better.”

B.E.N, which was organized in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, is an NFL Employee Affinity Group established to develop, acquire, and retain Black talent at the NFL while also serving as an employee resource group for league leadership as needed. Rivera said the network hopes to create “an inclusive work environment and community outreach, while creating an inter-cultural understanding of Black employees.”

“I am saddened by how hurt the Black Community is by what has transpired,” Rivera said. “I am proud of everyone who is on the right side of this fight against social injustice. I am eager to help in any way I can in making a difference.”


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