Police Determine Bomb Threat Sent to Large Number of MCPS Staff and Students Not Credible

Per an MCPS letter to the community:

“Dear MCPS Community,

Overnight, an email containing a bomb threat was sent to a large number of MCPS staff and students.  Montgomery County Police were immediately informed of the matter. The police continue in their investigation, but have determined this to be a non-credible threat. 

We are committed to maintaining a safe learning environment for our students and staff each day.  As a parent/guardian, you can assist us in this effort by speaking with your child(ren) and letting them know that making a bomb threat is a dangerous act that violates both school rules and public laws. If you have any information concerning this incident you are encouraged to share this with the MCPS Department of School Safety and Security by emailing MCPS Security Supervisor, Mr. Mike Harting at [email protected] .

The safety of our school communities is of utmost importance and it is everyone’s job to make sure we all remain safe.  


Montgomery County Public Schools”


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