Though it remained open until 2002,The Corner Kick was the premier sporting facility in MoCo from 1984-2000 (2000 is when the Maryland SoccerPlex opened in germantown and the Rockville SportsPlex opened in Rockville). The Corner Kick hosted indoor soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and volleyball leagues as well as some of the best kid’s birthday parties many in our area have ever been a part of.

One of the biggest attractions for The Corner Kick was the restaurant/pub that overlooked the fields. A gazette article from 2002 quotes co-owner Derek Oldham as saying the pub accounted for almost 50% of the facility’s business. The article also mentions an adult volleyball league known as “Bump, Set, Drink” that consisted of over 200 players that often stayed at the facility until 2am playing and drinking…sometimes simultaneously.

We remember playing in many indoor soccer leagues at The Corner Kick. We don’t think there was A/C or heat on the fields. In the summers, the heat would be almost unbearable, but that wouldn’t stop any of us from playing. In the winters you’d run out of breath after a minute or two of running around in freezing temperatures. We all noticed the temperatures, but none of us ever really minded them.

Due to the opening of the SoccerPlex and SportsPlex, business declined at The Corner Kick. Fitzgerald Auto Malls purchased the warehouse in October of 2001 and rented the property to The Corner Kick for a few months until they closed permanently on January 15th, 2002. The opening of the new facilities had caused them to lose almost all of their youth leagues and many of their adult leagues as they struggled to remain in business for the next two years.

Prior to The Corner Kick’s arrival, and for a couple years during, the warehouse was also home to Great Skate. Great Skate was a skating rink that remained open until 1987. We’re a little too young to remember Great Skate, but we definitely miss The Corner Kick!

Featured photo courtesy of The Gazette.



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