Taiwan Bubble Tea Festival Happening in Rockville This Saturday

This Saturday, September 25, the Taiwan Sister Cities will host the Taiwan Bubble Tea Festival. The event will be held from 10am-5pm in Rockville Town Square, right in front of the library. The festival is free (no tickets are necessary), and all are welcome.

There will be different vendors selling Bubble Tea as well as Taiwanese style snacks. Taiwan Republic Band, a local Taiwanese rock and pop group, will be performing during the festival. In addition, there will be yo-yo performers, drummers, and more.

Along with the food and entertainment, the festival aims to educate the local community, provide connections for outreach, as well as strengthen connections within the community.

The first Taiwan Bubble Tea festival happened in May of 2019, the same year that Yilan City, Taiwan was established as a Sister City of Rockville

You can learn more about the event here

Featured image courtesy of the Taiwan Sister Cities facebook page. 

By: Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay



By using both the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail (C&O Canal), as well as the Great Allegheny Passage Rail-Trail (dubbed “America’s Friendliest Long-Distance Rail-Trail”), you can bike all the way from the Southernmost point in Montgomery County all the way to the Steel City without ever needing to bike on a road. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail starts in Georgetown and follows the Potomac River to Cumberland, Maryland. Then the Great Allegheny Passage Rail-Trail goes the rest of the way from Cumberland, making its way past the Mason-Dixon Line, through the Appalachian Mountains and finishing up in Downtown Pittsburgh.

The Great Allegheny Passage Rail-Trail is 150 Miles, while the C&O Canal is 184.5 Miles making for a total distance of 334.5 Miles from DC to Pittsburgh.

Images from Britannica and Discovery Bicycle Tours

By Tom Merritt


Looking for Stuff to Do? Check out MoCo’s Rec Room!

During these times, many of us have been scrolling on our phones constantly and feeling quite bored. Quarantine and social distancing have taken a toll on all of us, but they also present a unique opportunity for us to explore new things and stay creative.

The Montgomery County Recreation Department has stepped up to the plate with a free online hub for free activities and ideas for all ages. Whether it’s a database of paper airplanes to send soaring down your stairs, an online cooking class to get on Gordon Ramsay’s level, or a search for aliens on an interactive tour of Mars, there are so many different activities!

These activities are all free, and there’s a variety of options that surely have something that can appeal to everyone. To check out the Rec Room, you can visit their website.

By Daniel Garay


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