Adam Lederer and Nicholas Fettig met when they were students in the Digital Design & Development magnet program at Argyle Middle School. Now, they’ve created – a website committed to notifying citizens of Montgomery County when and where Vaccines are available. Adam is now a junior at Clarksburg High School and Nicholas is a junior at Wheaton High School.

We spoke to them last night and asked about the reason they decided to create this website. Adam told us there are similar sites, but none are specific to Montgomery County and none of them work as fast as their site does, which virtually contains a live update for several vaccination sites in the county, including Walgreens, CVS, and Adventist Health Care.

“We hope to make the difficult process of filing for an appointment a bit easier, especially for those who need it the most.” Nicholas said. The website has only been up for a couple days, but has been gaining popularity as eligible residents search for elusive vaccine appointments. Though the website alerts you when appointments are available, you would still have to go through the sign up process on the website of those providing the vaccine.

One commenter wrote in a Facebook post touting the website that “helped my ex-husband (who has ALS) find an appointment in this Hunger Games process. It’s a huge service they’re doing for folks, life saving really.”

We thank these young men for providing this service to our county’s residents!




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