Planning Board Hearing December 16 at 9:00 am for Strathmore Avenue Project

Per Friends of White Flint:

The Property is currently developed with the vacant St. Angela Hall Retirement Home, open space, and frontage associated with the Academy of the Holy Cross School.

The rezoning will allow for the future redevelopment of the property with up to 125 single-family dwelling units (including a minimum of 15% MPDUs) and a 145-bed residential care facility.

An associated Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan and Tree Variance is recommended for approval and discussed in a separate Staff Report.

Subsequent Preliminary and Site Plan reviews will be required if the Local Map Amendment is approved.

Permitted uses on the Site include up to 125 single-family detached and attached dwelling units
(including a minimum of 15% MPDUs) and a residential care facility (with up to 145 beds).

  1. Commercial uses are not permitted on the Property, except permitted accessory uses associated with
    the residential care facility.
  2. A natural surface trail must be provided along the western side of the Site that is subject to a public
    access easement.
  3. The Property is limited to no more than three points of vehicular access from Strathmore Avenue.
  4. The Property must be subdivided to formally delineate the boundary of the area subject to the rezoning
    at the time of Preliminary Plan.
  5. A Phase I Noise Analysis must be submitted with the Preliminary Plan to identify noise levels that might
    impact interior and exterior spaces subject to the Planning Department’s Noise Guidelines. The analysis
    must be performed by a qualified acoustical engineer. If a combined Preliminary/Site Plan is
    submitted, the Site Plan must include recommendations from a qualified acoustical engineer to
    mitigate excessive noise levels per the Noise Guidelines.
    At the time of Preliminary Plan and Site Plan(s) approval, the Applicant must address the following:
  6. The Applicant will upgrade the Strathmore Avenue frontage through the construction of the 10-footwide shared use path and 6-foot-wide green buffer that complies with the North Bethesda/Garrett Park
    Master Plan, the Bicycle Plan, and other applicable plans and policies.
  7. Create a safe and attractive pedestrian trail that connects open spaces within the development and, to
    the extent practicable, connects the development with the surrounding community.
    a) The trail should be of a permeable material (i.e. natural surface, wood chip, wood mulch) that
    provides good accessibility and low maintenance and seating should be provided along select
    portions of the natural surface trail that are outside of the floodplain but may lie within the
    stream valley buffer.
  8. Create an attractive and walkable streetscape on both sides of Street C:
    a) Continue to coordinate with Staff on the townhouse driveways to create a pedestrian friendly
  9. Create useable public open spaces:
    a) Consolidate public open space to two or three areas and work with staff to improve the utility
    of these spaces at the time of Site Plan.

Read the entire staff report.


Strathmore Announces Return of Live Music Plus a New Open Air Venue

Today, Strathmore announced that they will have live music events again starting in May.

These live music events will take place at The Patio Stage, a new open air venue on the terrace of the Strathmore Music Center.

The Patio Stage will have socially distanced tables that seat up to 4 people each and a maximum of 124 guests. The venue is designed to have “plenty of space for you and your pod” in a “spacious, yet intimate experience.”

Based on renderings shared by Strathmore on Instagram, The Patio appears to be covered by an open air tent decorated with string lights and surrounded by greenery.

Strathmore has held had other COVID-safe events in the past few months, check out our previous post to learn more about some of their recent exhibits and events.

For the full announcement and list of upcoming events, check out this link.

Featured image courtesy of Strathmore’s Instagram page.

By: Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay


This past Thursday, June 25, Strathmore announced their 2020-2021 event lineup.

The first event will be an outdoor exhibit in October, titled “Monuments: Creative Forces” by artist Craig Walsh. Portraits will be projected onto trees throughout the campus. According to the Strathmore website, the installation “challenges traditional expectations of public monuments” and “pays homage to regional artists who are forces of nature.” The exhibit will run from October 2-25.

Other shows include “Step Afrika! Step Xplosion” on February 28, 2021, Octavia E. Butler’s “Parable of the Sower” on April 1-2, 2021, and Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra on May 13, 2021.

Presale has already begun for most shows. Tickets will be available to the general public on Friday, July 10 at 10am.
For more information and to buy tickets, head to Strathmore’s website (

Photo courtesy of Strathmore’s Facebook page.

By Nyrene Monforte


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