One Year Update on Rockville’s Climate Action Plan

More than a year on from Rockville’s adoption of its first Climate Action Plan, many of the plan’s 42 initiatives have made progress, with several action items completed. The Mayor and Council initiated the plan in January 2022 with the goals of equitably reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, and improving community and city resilience to extreme weather. At their March 27 meeting, the Mayor and Council heard an update on progress made during the plan’s first year.

Rockville launched its first food scraps compost drop-off facilities at the city’s maintenance facility and now at the Rockville Senior Center. A pilot flood mitigation assistance program reimbursed 19 households for floodproofing expenses. The city was awarded state and federal funding and technical support to develop a Flood Resiliency Master Plan.
Twelve city fleet vehicles were replaced with electric models. Rockville is also developing an Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan and will partner again with Montgomery County Energy Connection and Maryland Solar United Neighbors to promote a solar and electric vehicle charger co-op.

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