Black Bear Spotted in Rockville Tuesday Morning

Yesterday we received two reports of a black bear that was spotted in the Rockville area. This morning at 6:15, a Rockville resident spotted a black bear in a tree in a Rockville neighborhood near Horizon Hills park. A black bear was also spotted around 7:50am a couple miles away in nearby Willerburn Acres in Potomac, but it is not clear if it’s the same bear. The Rockville City Police Department tweeted the following on Tuesday morning: “Community Alert – Black Bear Sighting – In the area of W. Kersey Ln, Sunrise Dr & Bent Pine Ct at 6:00 am today. RCPD is working with DNR to alert of sightings. Please call RCPD at 240-314-8900 if you see the bear. Stay alert, calm & do not approach or attempt to capture.” According to neighbors, animal control is now on the scene.

Last week a black bear was spotted in Burtonsville and last month there were multiple bear sightings in Chevy Chase, Kensington, and Rockville, with one bear that was trapped and relocated by the Rockville City Police Department and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on May 8th.

In Maryland, Black bears are located primarily in Garrett, Allegany, Washington, and Fredrick counties, but will occasionally venture further south into Montgomery County and other areas. Populations are highest in Garrett and Allegany counties, with bear numbers rising in the remaining areas. In the spring, black bears are often sighted in other areas of the state. Per Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources: Black bears are stocky animals with short, thick legs and glossy black or brownish coats. Occasionally, black bears can also be cinnamon or blond in color and can contain patches of white. Black bears are the smallest North American bears, ranging from 5-6 feet long from muzzle to tail. A black bear’s tail is short- averaging 3-5 inches in length. Males and females are generally similar in appearance, but males often are a little larger. In general, sows (females) weigh from 110-250 pounds while boars (males) can weigh from 150 to 450 pounds.  Featured photo courtesy of Rockville City Police.

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