Joint Statement from MCPD Chief of Police MCPS Chief Safety Officer on Recent Bomb Threats

Joint Statement from MCPD Chief of Police Marcus Jones and MCPS Chief Safety Officer Pamela Wheeler-Taylor:

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Community Members,

We are writing to provide you with an update on recent bomb threats in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and to reiterate our shared commitment to ensuring school safety. In October, we addressed ten disruptive bomb threats across multiple MCPS schools. As a police department and security team from MCPS, we have actively responded to, investigated and supported schools in each instance to ensure safety and to return schools to teaching and learning quickly.

It is important to note that in every case, there have been no bombs or hazardous devices detected by investigative teams. Bomb threats are always taken seriously, even when they may come from individuals who wish to threaten as a prank or hoax. Bomb threats and other threats of violence cause anxiety for many and disrupt the teaching and learning process for all. Prank threats are against the law and against the MCPS student code of conduct. As they cause significant harm to our community, we recognize the importance of accountability and minimizing harm as we ensure safety.

Important things to know:

  • Investigation Update: The police department quickly investigated and identified a 12-year-old individual responsible for multiple bomb threats against Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring International Middle School and Oak View Elementary School. Although Maryland juvenile justice law does not allow for criminal prosecution in this case, the MCPS Student Code of Conduct is specific on appropriate disciplinary actions.


  • What Happens When a Threat Is Made:
    • Schools and police take the threat seriously.
    • A decision for evacuation or to shelter-in-place is made based on the specific circumstances and information available and in coordination with law enforcement.
    • Families receive immediate and ongoing communication throughout the incident.
    • Law enforcement conduct a thorough investigation to assess the credibility of the threat.
    • Once law enforcement determines the school is safe and provides an all-clear signal, schools plan for a return to teaching and learning or parent/child reunification.
    • School and community partners provide counseling and support services for students, staff and parents who may be emotionally affected by the incident.

  • How You Can Help: As a community, if you are aware of any information that poses a safety concern or can support the police investigation, please inform local law enforcement immediately. The non-emergency police number is 301-279-8000. The Maryland Safe Schools Tip Line is also available for named and anonymous tips online, by email and by phone. Learn more here. All of us play a vital role in safety and MCPS and the Montgomery County Police Department encourage you to report, also known as “See Something, Say Something.” Sharing any information or concerns are often an important part of stopping violence prior to it happening. See the flyer.

Parents and caregivers should discuss safety with students, including online safety and behavior. Let’s work together to monitor our children’s online interactions for their safety and well-being, and to prevent them from engaging in any harmful online exchanges or threats they may encounter.

  • Support Services: Counseling services are available in all schools to help students and staff who may be affected by recent events. Later today, a message will be sent from MCPS Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patricia Kapunan, providing information and resources for families to discuss these topics.


We affirm our dedication to a safe, welcoming learning environment for all students. We will continue our collaboration to ensure high levels of security every day in our schools and community.

Marcus Jones
Montgomery County Department of Police

Pamela Wheeler-Taylor
Chief Safety Officer
Montgomery County Public Schools


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