A look at Wawa Development Plans for First MoCo Location

by MCS Staff
Photos courtesy of 1788 Holdings
Back in May we broke the news of Wawa opening its first Montgomery County location. This morning we were able to view the Schematic Development Plan submitted for approval for the construction of the new 5,060 square foot Wawa at 405 South Frederick Ave, the old Becraft Antiques location, in Gaithersburg.

According to the application, Wawa is requesting approval to construct a filling station, and a 5,060 square foot retail building for Wawa. The proposed plan includes six (6) double sided filling stations and is covered with a 5,280 square foot metal canopy. The metal canopy is proposed to be located approximately 92 feet from the South Frederick Avenue right-of- way. Additionally, the canopy is 71 feet from the west property line, and 43 feet from the east property line. The sloped canopy has a maximum height of approximately twenty-five (25) feet.

The site plan also includes the following site improvements:

  • New right-in/right-out entrance along South Frederick Avenue/MD 355
  • New entrance to the east of the property which will connect to an existing drive aisle on the Holbrook property (421 South Frederick Avenue). This will provide access to the signalized intersection.
  • Sidewalk connections to the east and west of the property.

Though 23 parking spaces are required, Wawa plans to provide 46. It also plans to retain 0.02 acres of existing forest and provide 0.26 acres of afforestation area in the rear of the property as part of the Forest Conservation Plan.

A traffic analysis, performed by Wells and Associates, concluded that there is sufficient transportation capacity to accommodate the proposed development. Director of Public Works, Michael Johnson, approved the traffic impact study.

Wawa hopes to open by the end of 2020.


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