Additional Information Regarding Shattered Window at Kusshi Sushi

by MCS Staff

Additional Information Regarding Shattered Window at Kusshi Sushi

Yesterday we reported on a window that was shattered at Kusshi Sushi in Pike & Rose at 1:21am early Sunday morning.

At that time owner Wesley Yao told us that he does not believe the breaking of the window was racially motivated, and reiterated the same thing this morning when we spoke with him for additional information.

“The customer was asked to leave shortly after midnight. He was asked approximately ten times because he was joining parties at random tables, one time walking up to a group of customers and ripping up their signed check.”

Yao told us the man was served two drinks while at Kusshi for a little over two hours and though he was behaving erratically, did not seem intoxicated.  We were told he knocked on the front door before walking to the window seen in the video and knocking on it with a sharp ring that shattered and left a hole in the window.

”The windows have been knocked on or hit several times in the past and have never broken. They are the same windows that have been there since Carluccio’s was in the location.” Yao said. Carluccio’s closed in 2017 and Kusshi Sushi opened in 2018.

After breaking the window, Yao spoke with the man who told him he accidentally broke the window as employees were cleaning the restaurant for the night. Yao called the police and the man remained on the scene, but was not being cooperative.

After the incident, the man informed Yao that he was looking for his glasses. Yao tells us the glasses were left on a table the man joined without the table’s consent and that he would have gladly found and returned the man’s glasses if he would’ve just called the restaurant rather than return after the restaurant had closed.

In addition to the trespassing citation the man was issued by police, Yao tells us he is being charged with destruction of property– A charge that Yao is willing to drop if the window replacement is paid for by the man.

Yesterday, Yao said “With everything going on in the Asian community right now, we were all pretty shaken up. Thankfully, none of my staff were harmed during this incident and I am glad it was not racially motivated.”

Video of the incident can be seen in the link below:


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Store Front Window at Kusshi Sushi (Pike & Rose) Shattered Early This Morning - The MoCo Show March 22, 2021 - 2:03 pm

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