Andrew Einsmann Declares Candidacy for Newly Formed District 7 County Council Seat

by MCS Staff

Andrew Einsmann has officially declared his candidacy and will be on the ballot for Montgomery County Council Seat in the newly formed District 7.  Andrew has lived in the county for over 20 years- with the majority of those years in this new district.  

The newly formed 7th district is an upcounty district bordered on the south by Derwood and the Shady Grove Metro. It spans east to include Ashton, Sandy Spring and Olney.  It goes West to Montgomery Village and then traverses north through Damascus all the way to the county line.  A large portion of this district is the Agricultural Reserve.

Additional information is available via his press release below:

A husband, father, son, real estate agent, small business owner, soccer coach, basketball coach, president of numerous HOAs, PTA board member, former member of the Upcounty Advisory Board, Catholic, Scientist and U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer and two-time President of Upper Montgomery and Rockville Rotary Clubs.  “My long history in our community gives me deep experience and  allows for a balanced, smart approach when it comes to representing the district.” said Einsmann. 

If elected Andrew Einsmann’s major focuses would be:

Jobs- Why is Montgomery County last of any local jurisdiction when it comes to private sector job creation?  We need to use Novavax as a model and find more companies like them to come into the county and stimulate our economy.  We need to work with small businesses and hire more small business navigators and make it less cumbersome for a small business to open.  We need to work with the SBA and local banks to increase the opportunities for small businesses to find funding.

Housing and Transit options- These two items in my mind go hand and hand.  If you cannot get from your house to your job, it limits where you live.  I support the 2050 thrive plan but I will work to get more transit hubs in the county and therefore places we can put higher density.  I look forward to talking with our community about starting a study to expand Metro out to Olney to reduce dependency on cars. Hopefully we can get more transit options to alleviate that.

Increasing affordable housing is very important but we need some outside the box thinking.   New construction cannot always be the fix for affordable houses so in certain circumstances, we need to be flexible with zoning and potentially convert unused office spaces into houses.  One idea I like is The Lofts in Gaithersburg which was converted from a hotel to an apartment complex.

Environment- We have some strong policies in place.  Now we need to work towards implementing them.  We need a cleaner power grid.  The cleaner the grid, the more it makes environmental and economic sense to buy electrical vehicles.   “Smart Solar” or solar power combined with battery storage is the best option in our county and we need incentives so people can cover lesser used spaces into solar farms.  We need to learn how to make solar farms and agricultural farming coexist.

Andrew Einsman said, “I am a good listener and not afraid to ask the hard questions.”  He believes he can bring “common sense to complex problems.”  “We need to create a Montgomery County that provides opportunities to our kids.” “When they graduate college or go straight into the workforce, we want them to come back to live, work and play.” “I have a vision to move Montgomery County forward to be that place again. So come along for the ride and see the places we can go.”

Authorized by Friends of Andrew Einsmann, Ann Einsmann, Treasurer


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