Chef Rob Sonderman from Ensemble in Bethesda Appears on Good Morning America, Headed to Finals of Ultimate Pitmaster Competition

by Patrick Herron

Good Morning America is currently running a nationwide competition to look for the best barbecue in the U.S. On Tuesday,  Rob Sonderman from DC’s Federalist Pig won a “Golden Tong” from the program after defeating Brendan Woody of Fat Pete’s (3407 Connecticut Ave NW) when “GMA” was in DC to determine the area’s best BBQ spot.  Rob will now move on to the finals of the competition, which take place on Monday in New York City. You can view Rob’s appearance on GMA here.

While Federalist Pig’s original standalone location is at 1654 Columbia Rd in DC, their Michelin award winning BBQ is also available at Ensemble in Bethesda.   Ensemble is a digital food hall from Salis Holdings (Ted’s Bulletin, Sidekick Bakery, Federalist Pig), located 4856 Cordell Ave. Food from Ensemble is only available for pickup or delivery and you must order through their mobile app.  The menu features items from four the different Salis Holdings restaurants that can be mixed and matched. You can get a brisket sandwich from Federalist Pig, side of French toast from Ted’s Bulletin, fried chicken from Honeymoon Chicken, and dessert from Sidekick Bakery all at the same spot.

About Federalist Pig:
“In order to form a more perfect BBQ, the Federalist Pig is determined to bring all the best flavors together.
Our menu is a walk around the country — and the world. We’re paying homage to the American Southern traditions that first inspired us, and the global traditions that made us curious. From fan favorites, ribs, wings, brisket, and sausage to creative sandwiches to captivating sides, you can find our inspo du jour — international, national, or something in between — front and center on our menu. The best way to learn about us is to join us for a plate of BBQ. So come on in and get to know our small, passionate, and hardworking crew of folks. FedPig is a place where you can feel like a regular, whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth. Start your own BBQ tradition with us.”



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