Gaithersburg: Claire’s is Coming to Gaithersburg Square

by MCS Staff

Teen accessory chain Claire’s built a name for itself as a mall brand the last few decades. Recently, Claire’s has also been opening stores inside Walmart, and now it’s opening in Gaithersburg Square.

It will be taking over the former Grog’s Beer and Wine location between AT&T and Ashley Furniture Homestore. An opening date for the new store has not yet been provided.

Claire’s has been the go-to spot for teen ear-piercing, jewelry, and accessories since the 60s. The chain got popular for its mall-based stores, including stores locally still operating in Lakeforest, Montgomery, and Wheaton Malls. The Lakeforest Mall location is likely to close upon the opening of the Gaithersburg Square location a quarter mile away.

The company has experienced some rocky years, declaring bankruptcy, which it emerged from in 2018.

Currently, plans are in motion to add about 180 “store-in-store” locations in Walmart.


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