Hogan Reverses Order for MoCo Private Schools to Move Online


Hogan reverses order for MoCo private schools to move online

The governor issued an emergency order today that grants private and parochial schools the primary authority to decide whether to open in person this fall. On Friday, MoCo Health Officer Travis Gayles had ordered private schools to remain only online until Oct. 1.

In a press statement, Hogan argued, “The blanket closure mandate imposed by Montgomery County was overly broad and inconsistent with the powers intended to be delegated to the county health officer.” After Gayles’ Friday announcement, Hogan posted a statement on Twitter to express his strong disagreement.

Featured photo courtesy of Gov. Hogan’s twitter.

By Prayag Gordy


4 Comments on "Hogan Reverses Order for MoCo Private Schools to Move Online"

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  2. A huge mistake from a man that has been trying to keep us safe. WHY? Why would you risk our health over this?

  3. This is stupid, irresponsible and pathetically political . . .

  4. Thank you. If Day Care Providers, Super Markets, and Restaurants can open, why not Private Schools that have invested tons of money into safety procedures do so as well.

    Private Schools can do what MCPS can not. First off most do not have buses, so that’s one risk factor done with, second they deal with a much smaller population and create social distancing rules. Also, it’s a private school so the families can opt out and not agree to whatever the plan is. Public school students don’t have a free option if they drop out. Private Schools can create a plan that works for their school and not have to worry about the other schools.

    Elrich and Gayles are afraid that if the private schools are successful, it will under-mind their decision to close school until February. (And probably longer). They made a political decision to protect the Teacher’s Union, and disregard the needs of the Students.

    • Agree. Its Montgomery County that is making this a political decision, not Hogan. The public school system is always getting shown up by private schools, and this is just Moco covering their butts to not give private schools another glowing victory by showing that public schools can’t adequately educate, let alone protect, our children. Let private institutions make their own decisions.

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