UPDATE (2/23/22) on MoCo’s First Wawa

by MCS Staff

Updated on 2/23/22 to reflect that the City of Gaithersburg has now issued demolition and site development permits to Wawa

We first let you know the news of Wawa’s impending arrival in May of 2019. Wawa will be taking over the old Becraft Antiques location on 355, across from Gaithersburg High School at 405 S Frederick Ave. Nearly 3 years later, many are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of the convenience store/gas station that serves fresh and built-to-order foods, beverages, coffee, and more.

On December 1st, 2021, Wawa was granted approval for its final site plan of a new 5,060 square foot retail building and associated automobile filling station (gas station) by the City of Gaithersburg’s Planning Commission.

This came after public opposition to the site led to the development being stalled after a group of 14 community members filed an administrative appeal in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. The opponents of the site had stated that the Wawa does not align with MoCo’s master plan and would generate traffic and noise annoyances for residents in the surrounding areas. In April of 2021, Judge Donald Beachley struck down the appeal, clearing the way for development to begin.

In addition to the convenience store, Wawa’s plan includes six double sided filling stations and is covered with a 5,280 square foot metal canopy. The metal canopy is proposed to be located approximately 92 feet from the South Frederick Avenue right-of- way. Additionally, the canopy is 71 feet from the west property line, and 43 feet from the east property line. The sloped canopy has a maximum height of approximately twenty-five (25) feet. In addition, there will be:

  • New right-in/right-out entrance along South Frederick Avenue/MD 355
  • New entrance to the east of the property which will connect to an existing drive aisle on the Holbrook property (421 South Frederick Avenue). This will provide access to the signalized intersection.
  • Sidewalk connections to the east and west of the property.

So where are we now?

Since the approval of its final site plan in December, Wawa has applied for site development and demolition permits. Last night (2/22/22), Gaithersburg City Councilmember Neil Harris told us that demolition and site development permits have been issued and that construction will begin sometime very soon.

Though the project has been delayed more than most, things have moved faster since April of 2021 and we anticipate construction beginning on MoCo’s first Wawa in the first half of 2022. Royal Farms, a similar convenience store/gas station that offers food just opened its first MoCo location in Gaithersburg.



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