Mandalay Will Remain in Downtown Silver Spring Until Mid 2021


Mandalay Restaurant & Cafe will remain in Downtown Silver Spring until mid-2021, according to a Facebook post from earlier this week.

In March 2019, the restaurant told us they’d be closing soon but didn’t have an exact date.

In October 2019, Mandalay told us they’d remain the the current location at 930 Bonifant Street until the end of 2020.

In December 2019, they let us know that they’d be moving to a new location at 7302 Georgia Avenue in Washington D.C.

Source of the Spring reports that the owners of Mandalay purchased the building that will be the new home of the restaurant in D.C. and that the plan is still to make the move.

The popular Burmese restaurant has been located in Downtown Silver Spring for about 15 years.

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