Markoff’s Haunted Forest Celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary

by MCS Staff

Markoff’s Haunted Forest, located at 19120 Martinsburg Rd in Dickerson, is one of Maryland’s greatest Halloween events. For its 30th anniversary, you’ll experience the culmination of MHF’s 30 years in the business starting September 30th: “2022 is going to be epic. Heart-pounding scares; Terrifying , twists & turns; Eerie glades & creepy trail ghouls; and Fright-full scenes for you to tremble your way through like Mummy’s little kitten.”

Per Markoff’s Haunted Forest: MHF tickets should be purchased in advance online. Trail tickets are time stamped, and patrons will be admitted to the Trail according to the time stamp on their per-purchased ticket. Town tickets are sold based on full night capacity, and you should allow about an hour for this attraction. Please plan THE TOWN experience to fit with your TRAIL TIME.  The last wagon to Onslaught Mills departs at 10:30pm. Admission to the CURSED VILLAGE is free and open ended. You can hang out here all night. Food, drinks, MHF swag & activities are all available for purchase with credit card.

You may arrive to the MHF Village at any time, but you will not be admitted to the Trail until your ticket time. The parking lot entrance opens at 7pm and closes at 10pm. Everyone who is in BEFORE 10pm can stay until the last group completes their Trail experience.

Since 1992, when the Markoff brothers started with a Haunted School Bus driven to events and festivals around DC, our haunt has provided fright fest lovers with a creative, dramatic, and – YES — terrifying haunt experience. Our creative team combines music, lights, scents, actors, make-up & prosthetics, and artistic brilliance in a series of high-tech, detailed scenes that consistently place MHF among the top haunts in the country.


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