ShopRite of White Oak to Close Permanently on February 22nd


Updated to reflect new closing date of February 22nd, changed from February 28th

ShopRite of White Oak (located in Calverton) to Close Permanently on February 22nd

Many wondered why the Orchard Center on Cherry Hill Road in Calverton would bring in a second grocery store when Aldi opened in October.

It now looks like we have our answer as ShopRite tells us they’ll be closing permanently on February 22nd of this year.

The Orchard Center has undergone some pretty major changes in recent months, including bringing in Five Below, bubble tea spot Gong Cha and Fuji Teriyaki. All three will be opening in early 2021.


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  1. So bummed. Do you know if this is due to Orchard Center not renewing the lease, or a decision by ShopRite? I need to know to whom I should direct my letter of complaint!

    • A little bit of both of what you said. They could not turn a profit due to only having two stores in the maryland area as in nj they have over 30.

  2. Sylvia Saunders | December 30, 2020 at 5:25 pm | Reply

    I am totally disappointed. ShopRite, in addition to being convenient, it offers great selection of fresh produce, wide variety of brand products, pleasant staff and practice Covid awareness and ShopRite is where I do my main grocery shopping. Aldi’s is no competition for ShopRite.
    Please DO NOT CLOSE SHOPRITE. Next year I am changing my Part D Prescription Drug Plan and ShopRite Pharmacy is my primary plan. I intend to purchase my prescription drugs there.

    ShopRite needs to rescind that move! Seniors in East County, Laurel, Calverton, Burtonsville, Silver Spring and other areas depend upon the convenience of ShopRite. Just reinstitute Curbside Pickup.

  3. Not happy. What will replace it? We need a full service, multi faceted store. Where will the Riderwood community go?

  4. The Orchard Center is not managed by a single owner like other shopping centers. Each of the buildings is independently owned and/or leased. It will be important for the area to have a new stable occupant for this large commercial building.

    Given all of the hoopla of the White Oak Science Gateway development, another gaping commercial void at this location would not be good!

  5. I am a senior citizen and many of us rely on SHOPRITE not Aldi’s. Montgomery County should be advocating for consumers that need a full service grocery store. No Bubble Tea .

    • This sucks. There are no good grocery stores in the area. Colesville, Calverton, and White Oak Giants are trash. Shoprite had a full service butcher department. Giant is nothing but pre packaged meats. This makes zero sense.

      • I agree. ShopRite is my go-to store during this pandemic. Giant has used terrible vendors for toilet paper and paper towel. I’m not even sure if Giant ever stocked Lysol or Microban. Having grown up in NYC I even know the ShopRite can-can jingle. I am sad to see them go. Not sure how they could be losing money when they were always open during this pandemic.

      • Anthony Terranova | January 25, 2021 at 3:44 pm | Reply

        go to Harris Teeter in laurel

  6. Mary L. Mansfield | January 1, 2021 at 8:00 am | Reply

    Hearing this yesterday certainly capped 2020 as a grim year. There are so many things we like about ShopRite that any other choice is not even second-best. One of thing I’ll miss is being able to go on their website to find out if they stock a particular item as well as the sizes, varieties and price for each. Other grocery chains show only what is the ad for that week. ShopRite doesn’t do “buy 1, get 1 free” without telling what the price is for the first one. The staff is always pleasant, polite & helpful. I could go on and on. I’m grieving.

  7. Please, please, please rethink the decision to close ShopRite. They are the best grocery around, with the best prices and items not carried by other stores. There is a huge contingent relying on ShopRite, a full service grocery for us seniors and others. Aldi cannot fill the void.

  8. I was totally in dispair when I heard the news that Shoprite would be closing. I don’t shop at Aldo and it is not a full line grocery store. This makes no since, there has not been a time that I did not see the store busy. There is definitely a full service grocery store needed in this location and Aldi is not it. Very disappointed in this news. This needs to be reconsidered,

  9. Linda McGunigal | January 3, 2021 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    This is a disgrace. In addition to serving the nearby residents, Shop Rite in Orchard Center served the nearby senior community of Riderwood. So many of the residents at Riderwood, all of whom are elderly, rely on this supermarket for their food shopping. Aldi is fine but doesn’t provide everything. Where is the next closest supermarket? Farther away so the residents have farther to travel? Please do not close this wonderful supermarket, where the staff are great, aisles always filled with fresh offerings and very centrally located.

  10. I live in Calverton and am a senior citizen! I like Shoprite very mush and DO Not want it to close! Please reconsider this closing!

  11. Dear customers. We at shoprite are honored to have been able to serve our community. We will miss each and every one of you. Thank you for your many years of faithful patronage. We are a family first and we will not only miss our customers but we will also miss the shoprite customer community. Thank you. An associate of shoprite of white oak

  12. TERRY U UGWUEKE | January 5, 2021 at 6:59 pm | Reply


  13. TERRY U UGWUEKE | January 5, 2021 at 7:01 pm | Reply


  14. I will miss the large selection of delicious international baked goods and imported products. Whether I had a craving for Italian cake, Balkan jam, or West Indian soup mixes, I could find it at ShopRite. It also had great specials on items like Pyrex and small kitchen appliances. I even bought a tv there once!

  15. I am very sad Shoprite is closing. I have been a loyal customer since they opened the White Oak store. In my opinion they are the best grocery store in the entire area. They are very well organized with fresh produce, bakery, and other products. Their store brands are more than a cut above any other grocery stores nearby. The staff have always been friendly and knowledgeable and their Covid-19 protocols have been excellent from my customer perspective. The pharmacy staff have always been helpful and efficient. I’ve continued to shop at Shoprite because of the quality, service and products I have received. I am very sad this gem is leaving our community.

  16. Very sorry to hear this. SR was one on the best stores in the area!!

  17. Rachel Musicante | January 9, 2021 at 10:50 pm | Reply

    I agree. I think Shoprite is great and don’t want it to close.

  18. Just when you think 2020 can’t get any worse, it keeps saying “hold my beer.” I was so excited to have my two mainstay grocery stores in the same shopping center. Now this terrible news. ShopRite is such a gem for White Oak. Really hate seeing it go. This is really bad news!

  19. Ilenia Di Cesare | January 12, 2021 at 3:47 am | Reply

    This is the best grocery store in this area! I can find neaopolitan sfogliatella and fresh made fettuccine and pasta from Italy here at Shoprite! I bet if you are going to open in another center you are going to have a great Success! Please leave at least 1 Shoprite in the DC area!!!

  20. You should open more Shoprite stores around DC not close this only one we have! I have been relying on this store for years! I hope you consider expanding not closing!

  21. No please, don’t close Shoprite! I rely on this store for items I can’t find at Safeway or Giant. Aldi’s is trash. I knew it was a bad sign when they moved into Orchard Center.

  22. Bummer.

    There are 11 Shoprite’s in Maryland, now.

  23. Shoprite embraces a sense of community. More than ever we to embrace unity and community. The staff at Shoprite are family to our community.

  24. I agree with everyone! Keep Shop Rite at White Oak! Do not close! Do not leave us!

  25. NO, NO…please, don’t close Shoprite! They are the best grocery around, with the best prices and items not carried by other stores. They are very well organized with fresh produce, bakery, and other products. The staff have always been friendly and helpful! I AM REALLY GOING TO MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH! 😢

  26. We were so happy when this store came. Little bit of home. I was devastated when I heard. Great store. Has a real good seafood depth. Aldi doesn’t compare to real grocery stores. I hope you find another location. Maybe Laurel. I feel sorry for the people in Riverwood. Please try to find a place.

  27. How is it possible for a grocery store to lose money; to not make enough money… during this pandemic! Everyone reading knows they’ve done more grocery shopping this past year, than they ever have before. There is something else going on here: Either the stores are mismanaged so badly, that those in charge can’t turn a profit even in a pandemic, or they are milking the end of the pandemic for all it’s worth by having their patrons “stock up before closing.” I moved here from NC and had a hard time finding a good grocery store… until Shoprite. So exited… transferred by prescriptions in November… and now… gone. Super bummed.

  28. I blame it totally on the landlord who is leasing them the space.
    The information someone wrote about SR not making money and only having a few stores is incorrect. SR has TONS of stores albeit in the boonies in MD. Make great $$$ too.
    No use being sad without a fight. Let WakeFern Food Corporation in NJ, which owns ShopRite know you mean business. Rise up and begin writing to corporate that YOU WANT YOUR STORE TO STAY OPEN!! Do it now. They may reconsider if they see large of good customers numbers displeased with the closing. Power in numbers.

  29. Jacqueline Jackson | January 23, 2021 at 5:36 pm | Reply

    With Shoprite being always full whether I shop in the morning or evening; it seems hard to think they are not turning a profit. Why would Shoprite close when East Montgomery county is trying to be revitalized. Aldi is not a full service supermarket and NOT a substitute. Please reconsider.
    What would it take for Shoprite to reconsider??

  30. Please please do not close this grocery store. Where will seniors shop. This is so distressful just thinking about it. I do not shop at Aldis. It just is not a substitute for Shop Rite..

  31. ANOTHER BIG QUESTION: what goes into that empty store after Shloprite leaves? More bubble tea? 🙂

  32. I, too, am super disappointed in this decision! I have only been in Aldi once, and it does not hold any comparison to ShopRite! I hope they will reconsider! This is terrible!

  33. Eileen Schwartz | January 25, 2021 at 9:28 am | Reply

    I am extremely disappointed, ShopRite has the most friendly and helpful staff. For hard to find items, Shop Rite ALWAYS carried them. The most incredible produce department, and hard to find cuts of meat, were always in stock. Always had TP & Paper towels during pandemic. Very sad to hear.

  34. Deborah Piacsek | January 25, 2021 at 1:04 pm | Reply

    Please don’t close this Shoprite! We found Shoprite soon after we moved here from Indiana and have been happy with it eversince, especially since you have a pharmacy as well. We use the delivery system regularly because we are elderly and it is not easy to do regulare shopping, and we love the high quality fruits, veggies and baked breads,

  35. Devron Thornton | January 25, 2021 at 1:56 pm | Reply

    The Pharmacy is closing today, 1/25/21! I just got a call to tell me to pick up my medication before 4:00pm. I am at a place where the words just won’t come together! Very upsetting!

  36. I’m so pissed that they are taking away a great store! They have a good variety of food for everyone. A friendly staff and amazing vegetables. My husband needs his gourmet cookies. I’m not a fan of Giant nor Shoppers! What can we do to keep them!

  37. February 28th, 2021 is the date given in the Maryland state WARN notice. The store will close much sooner than that for lack of product. The pharmacy did close on January 25th, and the prescriptions transferred to CVS. I was there in the early evening of January 26, 2021. The first thing I noticed was the markedly lower number of cars parked in front of the store. While there are still no Going Out of Businesses signs posted, they have obviously ended receipt of non-perishable groceries. While they still have a sale flyer, they only had one variety of the Melitta coffee on sale this week. A third of the grocery shelf space is empty, just like at the run on food at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. While they are still baking cakes and getting deliveries of fresh bread, meat (not processed), dairy, and produce, there are practically no hot dogs left.

    This store is operated by Wakefern co-op member Village Super Market, Inc. of Springfield , NJ. Its stock is publicly traded on NASDAQ. They have recently taken over some failed Fairway supermarkets and the upscale Gourmet Garage chain in New York. Village is used to very large volume supermarkets and the company as a whole for FY 2020 earned $24.9 million on sales of $1.8 billion. Their business model must require very high volume store sales. For years, they claimed their Maryland stores did not meet financial expectations in their annual reports. Over the years, they scaled down the breath of products they sold at White Oak. While I have not seen the store’s balance sheet, I don’t think the store was unprofitable, just not profitable enough for them. I think its a shame. I enjoyed shopping there since July 2011. Remember that Wakefern member Collins Stores of Philadelphia closed down their 2010 Glen Burnie, MD ShopRite store in the spring of 2019. Village’s Timonium store is still open. I will be going there to stock up a few times a year.

    • That’s the date the store manager provided to us on the phone when this article was written.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t too clear in my first two sentences. I wanted to point out that because they are not restocking certain items, customers will experience more out-of-stocks than are routinely seen in supermarkets. I attribute that to the low number of cars in the parking lot. Many people must already have found out they have to visit a second supermarket to complete their grocery shopping. I have found no announcements other than on this website the store is closing. Certainly not in the store. The notice at the pharmacy just said that the pharmacy was closing, not the whole store. The store might be open, but no longer useful to complete one’s weekly grocery shopping.

  38. The closing of White Oak Store will be disastrous! I go to 3 stores in that shopping center. Shop Rite is my main store. As a senior citizen from Prince Georges County, I don’t care for Safeway or Giant which are closer to me. Please do not close!

  39. Please do not close. ..I uber once a week to the store. …I am a senior and do not drive…please listen to the customers

  40. Who are we talking to, ourselves primarily. Instead of complaining here, let’s use the first amendment to let our voices of truth be heard to those who are behind the closing. WakeFern CoOp Village Supermarket in NJ. is the establishment to bombard. Fight with petitions,letters, emails, phone calls, etc but make our voices heard and our truths, not opinions, matter. Let’s take a stand against SR closing. We must do something about this. Riderwood members, and every person, organization in this community must speak up. My first preference is ShopRite for years.

  41. IMPORTANT for EVERYONE! It is not enough to write about your disappointment on this site — DO SOMETHING! Write to WakeFern Food Corporation *owners of ShopRite* in NJ or have a friend/relative write/email your thoughts for you.
    Alert the directors of Riderwood to write a petition on behalf of all the seniors at the complex and the necessity of having the store open.
    The White Oak store is independently owned/franchisee so maybe this owner did not foresee future problems. Who is to say if others were given an opportunity to purchase the store, they may re-open it in the future. If corporate does not know you want it that badly, they will not do anything about the situation now, nor in the future.

  42. So sad SR is closing! I would regularly drive 20 minutes to shop there with its wide aisles, great prices and friendly staff!
    Please reconsider!

  43. I am super super super very disappointed of ShopRite is closing. How Long has this ShopRite been in business in Silver Spring, MD. I m formerly from Philadelphia, PA and we have at least three of those Stores. I now been living in MD since 1980’s. Whatever I go to visited my parents while they were alive. I was so happy when I found out we have new shoprite food store in MD now they are closing. Again how long has this store been in business here Silver Spring,MD Please reconsider!!. Put that STore back again where it belong dont closed ths store. Poor RIDERWOOD people for them so close to shop there. True Aldi is not the same idems have nothing there to shop doesnt amuse me at all. Open That ShopRite back where it belong.

    • The Silver Spring ShopRite had its grand opening on July 31, 2011. It moved into the space that had been occupied for about a decade by a Super Fresh, part of the A&P chain that finally closed in November, 2015. The nearest open ShopRite is in the Howard Park section of Baltimore, easily reached by taking US29 North.

  44. it will be a sad day when ShopRite classes it doors for the last time, will there be another grocery store taking its place, because Aldi is not a full service grocery store if anyone have noticed. this is definitely a shame, it will be truly missed.

  45. Will miss shoprite. Great store, honest sales. Aldi is no where near being a shoprite.

  46. Sad to see Shop Rite go. To the comment re: contact this county for help, don’t waste your time. They could not care less about your needs.

  47. I like ShoRite. It is the best store. Please Don’t close.

  48. I think you may have forgotten to update the date of the article when you revised. When did ShopRite move up their closing date? Thanks!

  49. what will be coming in ShopRite’s place? We need another grocery store

  50. Damn, did not know that Shoprite has closed it doors until today. I was going to visit this location and visit the website and found out that this store has closed. What’s taking it’s place?

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