The Stoltzfus Family, Owners of the Dutch Family Restaurant in Germantown, Involved in Serious Auto Collision

by Patrick Herron

The Stoltzfus family, owners of the Dutch Family Restaurant located inside of the Lancaster County Dutch Market at 12613 Wisteria Dr. in Germantown, were injured in a serious car accident in South Carolina on Sunday morning.  The family was traveling to Florida for a vacation.

A GoFundMe has been set up at

The restaurant posted an update on their Instagram page on Tuesday:

“As some of you may have heard by now, JR & Ruthie (owners of Dutch Family Restaurant and Beautiful Home Furniture and Design), their family, and Ruthie’s younger sister were in a bad accident early Sunday morning while on their way to Florida for a long anticipated vacation.  A car was out of gas and had completely stopped in the left lane, with its lights off except for the flashers. It was still dark and foggy, and Ruthie didn’t see the car until seconds before she hit it.

Everyone, except for Ruthie and their 11 year old daughter, sustained varying degrees of injuries. JR has a fractured/ broken back and has been released with a back brace. One of their 14 year old twin sons had surgery to fuse two fractured vertebrae together, he was released out of PICU to a regular room yesterday. Their other twin son has bumps, bruises and a sore back and was discharged yesterday. Their youngest daughter (6 years old) also has a broken/fractured back and was moved out of PICU to a regular room yesterday. Ruthie’s younger sister is in the trauma unit and has major stomach injures and had emergency surgery to repair the injuries.

They are surrounded by a strong support system of friends, family, employees and the local community here and in Dillon, SC where the accident happened and are being so well taken care of by the hospital in Florence, SC. Please keep them in your prayers as they navigate the road to recovery.”

Our thoughts are with the Stoltzfus family and everyone at the Dutch Family Restaurant.


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