Tiger Sugar is Coming to Rockville

by MCS Staff

7/8 Update: Tiger Sugar expects to open in mid-August, per owner Steve Kwon

Tiger Sugar, a boba/bubble tea spot known for is brown sugar bubble tea with unique “tiger stripe” design, is coming to Rockville.

Tiger Sugar will be taking over the old Jamba Juice location at 12266E in Federal Plaza.

The store’s Instagram account currently lists a Summer ‘21 opening timeframe and we spoke with owner Steve Kwon back in late May who told us that the store will be “opening in less than 60 days,” which would mean at some point before July 27th. Opening dates can be tricky, so we’ll have an update once an actual date is confirmed.

More information on Tiger Sugar, per the website:

The original brown sugar bubble tea with fresh cream and a unique tiger stripe design.⁣ Others have tried to imitate, but can’t compare to the quality and care that goes into our 8-hour preparation.

The Birth of a Tiger With humble beginnings in Taichung, Taiwan, in 2017, Tiger Sugar has grown into an undisputed cult brand of Boba worldwide. Our drinks not only taste good but tell our unique story with “tiger stripes” that are infused onto all our drinks with unique hand-poured syrups. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Many companies have tried to replicate our drinks, but our tried and proven methods stand the test of time. We use a proprietary 8-hour method for cooking our syrups and tapioca pearls. This results in the perfect marriage of tea, milk, and syrup in every sip. Our brand is bold, and our unforgettable drink varieties are a testament to this.

Featured photo courtesy of Tiger Sugar


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