Trucker Convoy Back on the Beltway Today, No Impact on Traffic on Sunday

by Patrick Herron

A large trucker convoy that converged in Hagerstown, MD over the weekend have said they are hitting the road again today, Monday, March 7, in an effort to disrupt traffic on the Capital Beltway.

The convoy made its first trip around the beltway on Sunday morning and did not appear to have much impact on traffic.  Local drivers were able to pass and maneuver around the trucks and many of the vehicles involved in the convoy became separated from the group.

According to organizers, “today we will be rolling 2 WIDE and 1 time around and will return to Hagerstown Speedway for the night. DC has been in contact with us!!”

At today’s media briefing, Council President Gabe Albornoz said that the council is tracking the convoy closely and hopes the protests remain peaceful.

Small crowds could be seen Sunday morning cheering on the truckers on overpasses in Gaithersburg and Bethesda, while much larger crowds turned up past Clarksburg and towards Frederick.

The Maryland State Highway Administration is advising drivers to plan ahead for higher volumes of traffic in the area today.

Convoy organizers have said they intend to repeat this each day this week until the group’s demands are met, according to the The Washington Post.  It is unclear at this time exactly what those demands are.

The convoy is protesting COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates, and are inspired by the several weeks long “Freedom Covoy” protests that occurred in Ottawa, Canada last month.

Several readers have reached out and told us that the protest is not specifically about COVID-19 mandates, but also high gas prices, Biden, the 2020 election, freedom, and “globalists”.




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Coo Coo Cachoo March 7, 2022 - 3:05 pm

The clown show comes to town.


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