Update on Two Hands Korean Corn Dogs at Wheaton Mall

We first let you know that Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs would be coming to Westfield Wheaton Mall back in Novermber, 2020. We are now being told the restaurant is expected to be open in February of 2022.

The Korean Corn Dog restaurant will be taking over the former Tevana space located in the mall’s upper level.  Two Hands currently has locations in Centerville, VA and Houston, TX.

Topping you can choose from include Nashville Hot Seasoning, Sweet Ranch, Rice Puffs, and Potato Cubes, as well as traditional hot dog condiments.  You can view the menu of their Houston location here.

Currently, the closest thing you can get is at Ssong’s Hot Dogs in Westfield Montgomery.


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  2. when will the one at montgomery mall be opening

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