Update on Burtonsville Crossing (August 2021)

by MCS Staff

Dave Golden, founder and moderator of the Burtonsville 2.0 Facebook group, had a call with real estate development company EDENS regarding Burtonsville Crossing. Below you’ll see the notes from his phone call:

08/25 Burtonsville Crossing Update
Kristy Inman, Vice President – Leasing
David Germakian – Senior VP, Regional Lead, Mid-Atlantic Region

• There has been quite a bit of work and focus on Burtonsville Crossing with a lens towards post-COVID development. David and Kristy have been working on it personally for several months.

• While it may not look like it, and they understand the frustration, they are within a matter of months before being able to talk about breathing new life into the shopping center.

• They will be present at the Praisner Center on Burtonsville Day, September 25th. David, Kristy, and Ryan plan to be there from EDENS.

• Over the last 6 months, EDENS has had a number of conversations with the county and state. Tom Hucker has met with them and they are encouraged working with him.

• They plan to reposition what’s there – make some tweaks to create a community plaza, pedestrian connectivity to the BRT lot (which will include improvements) and reconfigure the shopping center plans. This includes adding drive-thrus and convenient curb-side pickup.

• EDENS as a company is not proud of what’s there. They are now focused and excited. They are cautiously optimistic after 18 months.

• EDENS just finished a shopping center in Annandale (developing during COVID) with expanded sidewalks, outdoor dining areas, and convenient grab-and go spaces. They plan to implement a lot of this in Burtonsville Crossing.

• To kick it off, they need to first secure an anchor stores. They are close to moving to lease with a grocery store that would ignite things. After the anchor store is secured, a snowball effect will take place with new shopping and dining opportunities.

• They would plan to reposition the former Giant space.

• The resiliency of Burtonsville Town Square across the street through COVID is a testament to the community supporting the demand.

• They have also studied this shopping center, recognizing opportunities that are not there that will be incorporated into the new Burtonsville Crossing.

• They recently hired a new Director of Community Experience who will be our point of contact.

• They look forward to providing updates as they progress.


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