Chi-Chi’s to Return to MoCo (April Fool’s Day joke)

A couple years ago we showed you that the Chi-Chi’s location in Lakeforest Mall was boarded up, but almost left unchanged inside.

Now we know why! The Tex-Mex restaurant is returning to that location and opening other locations in Olney, Silver Spring, and Bethesda in the coming months.

In 1995 Chi-Chi’s had over 200 locations across the country. In MoCo, locations have previously existed in Lakeforest Mall and in Rockville (in Wintergreen Plaza in the location that later became Broadway/Ted’s 355 Diner and is currently Habit Burger and Jersey Mike’s).

Chi-Chi’s left the United States in 2004 when Outback Steakhouse purchased the 76 Chi-Chi’s properties for $42.5 million, but didn’t buy the name, operations, or recipes. This was a year after the company was with with the largest hepatitis A outbreak in U.S. history.

They later sold to Kimco, the development company that is responsible for the changes currently occurring in the Kentlands community. Now they belong to a Swiss Company that franchises Chi-Chi’s in Europe.

While the story of Chi-Chi’s demise in the United States is true, Chi-Chi’s return to MoCo is simply our April Fool’s Day joke this year. We hope you enjoyed!

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