Sam Jones has passed away at the age of 88, According to the Boston Celtics. stated that Jones had been hospitalized with failing health and died Thursday night in Florida.

Sam Jones was known for his quickness and game-winning shots, especially during the NBA playoffs.
He has the second most NBA championships of any player (10), behind teammate Bill Russell (11).

He was also one of only three Boston Celtics, along with teammates Bill Russell and K. C. Jones, to be part of the Celtics’ eight consecutive championships from 1959 to 1966.

Following his NBA career, the Celtics legend lived in Silver Spring for over three decades. Per a Washington Post article in 1998, “You might see him at a Montgomery County public school (or, at least your kid might). Jones is a substitute teacher, most often at Gaithersburg Middle School.”

“When he would teach at Gaithersburg Middle School, he was very passionate about being a teacher, but he’d never miss a chance to wear his championship rings” said Mike Herson, a lifelong Montgomery County resident who considers himself lucky to have had Jones as a substitute teacher.

“I had Mr. Jones at Sligo Middle School and again at Northwood High School,” said Christian Ramirez, a student at schools closer to Sam Jones’ Silver Spring home. “I know more students will remember him.”

After Jones retired from substitute teaching, he moved to St. Augustine, Florida. In 2013, he gave an inspirational talk to players for North Carolina Central after the Eagles played a game in Florida.

His passion for the game and for teaching was evident, as witnessed by those around him.

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