Angel’s Pizza & Pasta had Closed Permanently in Wheaton Mall

Angel’s Pizza & Pasta has closed at Wheaton Mall. The owners of Baronessa in Rockville opened the restaurant in mid-2019 in the food court of the mall.

They focused on Neapolitan style pizza and pasta dishes, which brought a unique type of cuisine to the food court.

Chef Angel Mendoza is a certified Pizzaiolo, and has spent decades honing his craft at 2Amy’s and RedRocks Pizzeria.

You can still have his pizza at Baronessa on East Gude Drive in Rockville, as we were told there are no plans for it to close.


January Jollibee Update for First MoCo Location, Including News of Second DC Metro Location

Back in March we let you know that Jollibee was making its way to MoCo with its first Maryland location in Wheaton Mall.

In August we received work that we know that it would be taking over the location that was previously home to Baja Fresh. Construction has been ongoing, but due to COVID restrictions and safety measures taken by the crews doing the work, it has taken a little longer than originally expected.

The latest news we have received has been to expect an early 2021 opening, with no exact date provided…yet.

Earlier this week the company announced a second DC Metro Area restaurant as Jollibee will take over the old Boston Market location at Plaza at Landmark in Fairfax county.

The Filipino fast food chain has over 1,300 locations worldwide and offers a Items such as Chicken Joy (a fried chicken dish), the Yumburger (the house burger), Jolly spaghetti (a sweet spaghetti dish that includes ground beef, hot dog pieces, and ham), and many other products that are a mix between traditional Filipino fare and American-influenced cuisine.

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