Montgomery County is Providing 40,000 Chromebooks to Residents Who Do Not Have Computers

Montgomery County is providing 40,000 Chromebook computers to residents who do not have a computer. Eventbrite is being used to create appointment tickets to manage computer pick-ups.  Every person receiving a computer:

  • Must have an individual appointment to pick-up a computer;
  • MUST APPEAR IN PERSON and show photo ID to pick up the computer;
  • Must have a have a County library card number to create an appointment.
  • Must be a Montgomery County resident at least 7 years old.
  • Must be  able to honestly certify you would not have access to a computer if the County did not provide you one.

There is a limit of one computer per person.  You do not need to be a U.S. Citizen to receive a computer but you must be a Montgomery County resident.  EVERY PERSON, INCLUDING CHILDREN, MUST HAVE THEIR OWN APPOINTMENT AND APPEAR ON THEIR APPOINTMENT DAY IN PERSON WITH ID TO RECEIVE A COMPUTER (For Example:  If a parent wants a computer for the parent and two computers for two children, the parent must make 3 appointments and bring the two children with ID to receive the computers.  If you make an appointment for June 21, you cannot show up on a different day.)

If all appointments are taken, check back on the page in a few days for new events.  4 to 5 events will be hosted every week through October 2022.  If you need additional information, please read below and then contact us at [email protected] if you still have questions.  Do not use this email to request a computer – click on an available date under Make Appointment for Computer and complete the Eventbrite to book an appointment.

Who Can Get a Computer

  1. A person who can honestly state: “I would lack access to a computer to meet my educational needs without the computer being provided by the County.” You may use the computer for other purposes in addition to education, and education means any kind of learning including learning a language, learning to use the internet and a computer, looking up information online, and other learning purposes. A person with a computer that is too old to work properly, who could not afford to buy a new computer, is also eligible.
  2. Montgomery County Residents.  You do not have to be a U.S. citizen, but you must live in Montgomery County. IF YOU LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTY OR STATE AND REGISTER, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A COMPUTER AND WILL NOT BE PROVIDED A COMPUTER.  Parents, working adults, and seniors are eligible.  Students who do not have a computer that meets their educational needs are also eligible.
  3. Must be at least 7 years old with an email address. Email is used to transfer the computer warranty to the computer recipient.  Parents’ and caregivers’ email addresses may be used for appointments made for children.
  4. One computer per person.  People in the same household, and parents as well as children, may each receive a computer if they can each certify they would not have a computer to meet their educational needs without the computer being provided by the County.
  5. Must have an appointment and appear in person with ID. Every person receiving a computer must have a library card to register for an appointment to pick-up a computer.  Every person receiving a computer must have an appointment to pick-up the computer. Every person picking up a computer must appear in person with ID.  Children receiving computers MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT IN THEIR NAME AND SHOW UP IN PERSON with ID to receive the computer. Go to the Make Appointment for Computer section above to get an appointment reservation through Eventbrite.

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