Montgomery Parks: Information on Copperhead Snakes

Montgomery Parks posted the following on the NextDoor app:
Copperhead Snakes. With cool temperatures creeping in, encounters with snakes often increase as they take advantage of heat-gathering hard surfaces–like rocks, logs, roads, and trails–to bask and help regulate their body temperatures.

Be cautious because eastern copperheads may be crossing or basking on trails. Copperheads are not aggressive by nature, and the snakes prefer to remain undetected, relying on cryptic camouflage for protection. However, this camouflage can also be the cause for close encounters with people and pets. So, always look where you step.

Key features of copperheads include:

• Hour-glass shaped banding pattern along body
• Elliptical-shaped pupils (like cats)
• Triangular-shaped head
• Young copperheads also exhibit a bright, yellow-tipped tail
To learn more about snakes and how to identify them, visit “Living with Snakes” on our website:

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