Montgomery County Green Bank and Latino Economic Development Center Team Up For Affordable Energy-Efficient Solutions

Homeowners are being offered accessible financing for energy-efficient appliances through a targeted, local collaboration between Montgomery County Green Bank (MCGB) and the Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC). With funding from the Green Bank, LEDC is offering a new loan, the LEDC Appliance Loan, to help homeowners purchase brand-new, eco-friendly appliances.

The partnership’s primary goal is to help homeowners in Montgomery County reduce their energy bills, lower their carbon footprint, and enhance their quality of life. By providing funding for energy-efficient appliances, homeowners will be able to reduce their daily energy consumption. Considering appliances are the third largest category of energy usage in an average home, the partnership is well-positioned to improve homeowners sustainability efforts. It’s also another step toward meeting MCGB’s own sustainability objectives, which includes fostering sustainable energy finance within the community.

A key aspect of the deal is the development of an innovative ‘warehouse structure’ that amplifies the reach and impact of LEDC’s loan product. In this context, the ‘warehouse’ is not a physical facility, but a financial mechanism that will allow LEDC to access more money to help more people.

“Empowering communities and individuals by offering funding creates a change in their lives that is then worked into a positive environmental change,” said Stephen Morel, CEO of MCGB. “We believe everyone should have the means to adopt sustainability, from the kind of material used to build their home to the kettle in their kitchen. At MCGB, we create financial solutions that make sustainability an achievable reality in people’s lives, homes, buildings, and products. The promotion of green energy finance in partnership with LEDC is the latest step in realizing our sustainability strategy for Montgomery County.”

The appliances available through LEDC will enable low- and moderate-income homeowners to purchase brand-new, energy-efficient appliances labeled with the trusted Energy star logo. With a payment plan over 60 months and a competitive 4.5% fixed interest rate, homeowners will be able to make their homes energy-efficient at a cost they can afford. The program helps homeowners purchase eco-friendly appliances ranging from $500 to $5,000.

Emi Reyes, CEO of LEDC, commenting on the partnership said, “At LEDC, we believe that access to energy-efficient appliances is crucial for the long-term well-being of our community. The collaboration with MCGB represents our commitment to making clean energy solutions attainable for low-to-moderate income homeowners in our community. By making energy-efficient appliances accessible, we are enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals, ensuring that they can enjoy the benefits of a greener, healthier future.”

Courtesy of Montgomery County Green Bank

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Karen joined the Well-Paid Maids team as a cleaner in January 2021, and she was recently promoted to an operations manager! This well-deserved promotion is part of Well-Paid Maids' effort to deliver better customer service with responses to phone calls and emails seven days a week. To celebrate Karen's promotion, we caught up with her to learn more about her time at Well-Paid Maids, the area's only certified living-wage cleaning company.

 1. Why Well-Paid Maids?

Karen: I saw the company was paying a living wage and had great benefits. Also, they were very flexible with my schedule, especially since I have kids.

 2. How has it been working at Well-Paid Maids?

Karen: I feel very appreciated at the company. This is the first job where I feel I'm able to speak about any issue and that management will support me.

 3. How has working at Well-Paid Maids benefitted you?

Karen: Because Well-Paid Maids pays a living wage, I can now spend more time with my kids and not work double shifts like I did at my old job.

 4. How do you plan to spend your PTO this year?

Karen: I look forward to traveling to El Salvador to visit my family there.

 5. How would you describe Well-Paid Maids as an employer in three words?

Appreciated, valued and opportunity

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Washington City Paper is hosting its annual Best of D.C. contest -- and Well-Paid Maids is eyeing the Best Maid Service category. If you missed it: Well-Paid Maids has secured first place for the past three years. Can you help us snag gold again? Simply go to the ballot and write in your vote for the best maid service. In case you need a refresher before you vote, Well-Paid Maids is the only certified living-wage cleaning company in the D.C. area. We pay our cleaners, who are W-2 employees, at least $24 an hour and offer benefits like insurance, 24 paid days off per year and more. Voting is open until June 10 at 5 p.m., and the winner will be announced July 18. (We'll keep you posted!) Thank you for your support -- and if you still haven't booked a spring cleaning yet, now is the time!

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Movie being filmed in McLean, VA, needs your support

A local community movie is filming in our area in June and needs contributions!

Local actors, teens, teachers, housewives, and retired residences are trying to make this film happen but we need your help.

This is an educational short story about teens learning how to navigate when they don't feel accepted by their friends and what to do to find acceptance. Yet this film isn't just for teens. In your life have you ever felt like you weren't accepted??

Come be a part of the audience for this film! Invite your friends. Be a part of this film being produced right here in our area.

This is a social impact film that will show locally and internationally at film festivals in 2025 and also at colleges.

More information can be found here. DONATE TODAY:

This is a not-for-profit film and donations are tax-deductible.

Free Community Father-Daughter Dance

Fathers and father figures, create unforgettable memories with your daughter at our free community father-daughter dance on June 1st, from 6-8 pm. Hosted outdoors at Olney Baptist Church. This event offers a delightful outdoor experience complete with a DJ spinning tunes, interactive games, a charming photo booth, delicious treats, and exciting raffle prizes. Fathers/father figures and daughters of all ages are warmly welcomed to share in this special evening together. Join us for an evening of joy, laughter, and cherished moments!

In the spirit of giving back to our community, we are partnering with Quest to Feed Montgomery to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. We kindly ask each attendee to bring along a non-perishable food item to donate during the event. Every contribution, no matter how small, will go a long way in supporting families facing food insecurity in our area.


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