Approval Recommended for ‘Shops at Travilah’ Development

by MCS Staff

Signs are up, and have been for a couple months, at the future site of the ‘Shops at Travilah’ development on the south side of Travilah Road, approximately 250 feet west of its intersection with Piney Meetinghouse Rd. Montgomery Planning Staff recommended approval with conditions earlier this year.

Shops at Travilah, Preliminary Plan No. 120210090 was submitted on February 24, 2021 by the Applicant, Travilah-WHM, LP (“Applicant”) to create one (1) lot on 1.96 acres of land in the NR Zone (Attachment A). The Preliminary Plan anticipates future standard method development totaling 18,443 square feet of non- residential uses, which will require a subsequent site plan approval. The development is proposed within two buildings: Building A will be a 5,681- square-foot building with approximately four units/bays will be erected on the northern half of the Property and contain a mix of neighborhood serving retail uses and/or a restaurant. Building B will be a 12,762 square foot day care building will be located on the southern half of the Subject Property. Approximately 9,468 square feet of outdoor space behind the daycare will be fenced to enclose a playground/recreation area.

Additional information on the preliminary plan includes:

“The Subject Property is Parcel 160 and consists of approximately 1.96 acres (85,338 square feet). The Subject Property has frontage on Travilah Road, a two-lane minor arterial road with a 26-foot pavement width. Currently, access to the Property is uncontrolled, without a continuous paved area. The Property is improved with 5,742 square feet of commercial uses; the primary building is a single-story cinder block retail building adjacent to Travilah Road. Other improvements on the Property include a single-story wood frame building, a metal warehouse, and a metal trailer. The Property is largely paved or covered with gravel and surrounded by chain link fences.

The Property is situated to the north of the Rockville Crushed Stone Quarry (owned by Baron Inc.), which is an active quarry (“Quarry”). To the south and southwest of the Subject Property is land zoned IH-2.5 H-70, which is the active portion of the Quarry. To the east, the Subject Property is separated from Piney Meetinghouse Road by a vacant parcel zoned NR-0.75, which is also owned by the Quarry. The R-200/TDR- 3 zoned parcel to the northwest of the Subject Property, also owned by the Quarry, is an undeveloped, forested property, which contains wetlands, and is encumbered by a Category I Forest Conservation Easement. Travilah Road abuts the Property to the north. The Primary Day Montessori School (Special Exception S-2500) and single- family detached dwellings in the R-200/TDR-3 Zone confront the Property to the north across Travilah Road.”

The full preliminary plan can be seen here.


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Rebecca July 5, 2022 - 2:42 pm

I was reading about building B what is going on with that building which my mom currently resides there now ,I hope no one will be forced to move

Shawn July 6, 2022 - 2:44 pm

That’s great and all but what about Amazon Fresh opening up on Shady Grove Road and what seems to be the hold up I’ve been wa6only 2 years to hear something


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