Bagel City Appears Closed


It appears as though Bagel City in Rockville may have closed.  As first reported by ABC7’s Kevin Lewis, the light up sign with the restaurant’s name has been taken down, there is a “For Lease” sign in the window, and the restaurant seems to have been emptied of all tables and equipment.

Bagel City, located in the Pike Center shopping center off of Rockville Pike, had been in operation in that location for almost 40 years.

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  2. I would say it’s more than “appears” closed…it is closed. Bit of a shame, but apparently Bethesda Bagels and Golbergs will be picking up some business. (Sorry, Panera does not sell bagels, not sure what you call those).

  3. Oh no! The best bagels around! My family has been going there practically since they opened, I’m so sad!

  4. Their bangles were terrible

  5. I was there sometime in Feb or March. My lox + bagel were underwhelming. The coffee was awful. Ize’s is so much better. Good riddance, Bagel City.

  6. I work at David’s next door and yes Bagel City is closed for good . Another restaurant will be in that space. David’s Beautiful People is Open By Appointment only.

  7. IZE’s Deli & Bagelry is a few blocks south on 355, and their bagels, sandwiches, etc., are best… Even in these times, they are going strong!!

    The Zlotnik family, original owners/managers, have been out of the business for many years. Bagel City was great, but seemed to have ‘lost its way’ in the last 10-15 yrs.

  8. It is not so bad if it was simply closed, worse if they went bankrupt and can no longer work.

  9. Does anyone have any of the original recipes? I have NEVER found any deli that made Tuna Salad or knishes as good as those at BAGEL CITY IN ROCKVILLE. ( lots of good bagels can be found locally… but not a lot of really good salads, pastries and soups.) I will truly miss this place! Have been a loyal customer since the early 80’s…… if you have any insight into some of the recipes… PM me please!!

  10. I have to agree with the comments that said Bagel City had ” lost its way”, they weren’t terrible, but they didn’t compare with other local. restaurants, EXCEPT FOR the RYE BREAD. We loved being able to order & pick up 2 warm loaves. I’d appreciate any advice on fresh, made to order Rye bread.

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