Basketball to Pickleball Court Conversion Now Complete at Life Time in Gaithersburg

by MCS Staff

On Thursday, August 18th, the conversion of the basketball courts to pickleball courts at Life Time in Gaithersburg began. The right side court have been permanently converted to Pickleball and is now open for use. The existing basketball court is in Gym 1 and Pickleball is now a permanent fixture.

Per the Life Time website, each club has scheduled pickup play for basketball throughout the week for adults, including 18+ and 40+ only, as well as kids 17 and under and 12 and under. Outside of the pickup schedule and other scheduled events on the court, you can always shoot hoops or find a game of 21, 2-on-2 or even a run of 5-on-5. Pickleball is offered through clinics, lessons, and open play, which is a series of set times every week where all players with a reservation can participate in fun and challenging games.


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